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  1. I’ve gone a year without alcohol and I’ve just been invited to lecture at the University I flunked out of many years ago lol funny how things work out ☺️

  2. A true Geordie legend!! Cannot wait to see him get his hands on that cup 😉

  3. Lol I’m literally on the bus right now and the amount of people that publicly have their phones blaring out always bamboozles me! I’m generally considering having a few pairs of cheap headphones to hand out to these buffoons if I’m on a long journey.

  4. The fact that Miyazaki created a technique called “Ma” specifically about how Western Movies (Hollywood) are scared of silence and how they (probably Cameron) paper and plaster it over with constant action and CGI. So no, I don’t think they have much in common.

  5. Hey brother. They make low profile hard hats if you want to be safe hahah. Im 6’5” i used to KO myself off my basement ceiling a lot.

  6. Tbf I might start wearing a wizard hat like Gandalf! That guy constantly banged his head everytime he went to Hobbiton and tbf most houses and pubs in the U.K. seem like they were built for the Halflings.

  7. Sounds like you need to come to the USA bud. Say what you will, but my god everything is huge here.

  8. Onwards and upwards 👆🏻 what happened in the past stays in the past! Let’s focus on the present and making sure this player grows into a Geordie legend! Welcome to The Toon Gordon!

  9. I love this!!! Welcome to the team Gordon! You’re gonna flourish! 💪🏻

  10. Always feel sorry for those last soldiers who didn’t get their spears clinked by his sword 😞

  11. Asking me out on the London Underground at rush hour! Generally more chance of me winning the lottery than this happening!

  12. Almost forgot about this but have you guys met up?

  13. Hello, so I’m very close to setting this up, I’ve had a few things I needed to sort out with the venue, that has slowed things down. But I’m hoping to have everything sorted out very soon ✌🏻☺️

  14. I once had a lady eat a rotisserie chicken next to me! It was there and then I boycotted cinemas like Odeon and Vue, just attract a swarm of munching, slurping and chatting cretins! Just go to Everyman now and have loved every visit.

  15. The one where Homer meets his mom and she leaves again. The end when Homer sits under the night sky in the desert on the bonnet of his car. Every single time...

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