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  1. Bro I will have to travel to mumbai if there are matches of icc world cup 2023 but I am scared of pollution

  2. Why are you acting like breakup is the worst pain

  3. Bro it was a joke... Don't take it seriously

  4. Please bro Carry a pepper spray and spray it into their eyes from now on

  5. youre meme is funny but your overreacting its not that big of a deal

  6. Whi anardana phek ke marunga bolana orange wali best hai

  7. I was trying to find out the same thing. I did that the three dots and my post was deleted but all of the comments are still there. Is there any way to delete all of the comments that were made on my post that I deleted?

  8. Sadly no but nobody can add more comment's in it

  9. Sorry I am weak In grammar... Just as Saurav joshi weak in Content

  10. 2019 world cup semi final ke bad aaj phli bar ro rha hun:16813:

  11. Anyone can do anything and everything THEY WANT TO

  12. Gajab ka photo editing, manna padega

  13. I have been in this sub for a year and i have seen it over 9000 thousand of such posts. Have a nice day

  14. That means you see this post 24.6575342 times a day

  15. Aapke Ghar pe 2 litre paani aur 7 saal ki 4 bacchiya bhijwa dunga itni tareef kardi meri aaapne

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