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  1. Been waiting on a Thor bag from pink a la mode since October

  2. Well, you heard a "thumping" going down the highway and managed to ignore that pretty well. So I really don't think you're a good judge of "I didn't hit anything." Nobody is suggesting that you are criminally liable for anything, you just need to stop ignoring the obvious. Learn from this.

  3. Idk where you got me "ignoring it" because I got off the freeway as soon as I heard the thumping, especially when the thumping was from the plastic hitting my tire. So great advice, thanks

  4. Yeah, im definitely gonna try and cut them off when I get home then

  5. Yes I order from her all of the time recently got my jack bag from her. You can also see her on tik tok thats how I found her.

  6. Okay will definitely order from her then! Thanks! I have the metallic scarlet witch bag, but like how this one looks better

  7. To me personally I would go with either mezz or dress. Those are my top 2 choices as orchestra is a bit annoying if you have seats towards the middle. But if those sections over your price range then the lodges would be another option. Balcony is basically the best for sound. I use to work for the theatre.

  8. Im looking on vivid seats, which I'm hoping is a good site, but I plan on doing more research too before I buy. I have a little bit of time before I want to buy any. There's some mezz row s for sale that I'm liking.

  9. Ah I see. Yes, it's still a long way. Just be careful with vivid as people tend to resell tickets at a higher cost. Good luck!

  10. I saw someone the other day say they use yellow scotchguard because it's water and uv proof

  11. It’s sooo cute! Put it in a shelf away from the sun. Don’t encase it in plastic.

  12. Out of the direct sun, away from moisture/damp areas, use on a rotated basis to keep it "fresh"

  13. Do I put it on a shelf or is there a hook or something to hang it off of? I keep my regular mini backpacks on command hooks on my closet door

  14. She's getting him a bigger tank and is planning on getting more plants!

  15. I see posts like this and still wish there's a justified asshole vote, because man, it's petty but so funny and totally worth it

  16. He's resting at the bottom a little bit still, but he's definitely swimming around a lot more! I added some seachem and inserted a hammock for him, and even better news, he will be going to a better home with a friend of mine! She has had a betta before and I sent her my posts so she's read all of your advice too! She'll be doing more plants and he's gonna be the happiest little guy possible

  17. Amazing result! I'm so happy he's doing better, that's a great turnaround in just a day or so.

  18. I think we caught it just in time, im hoping it didn't do too much damage but I think time will tell

  19. awesome he’ll love that. you’re doing really well

  20. I agree with everyone else the best thing you can do right now is try to keep him warm with warm water changes while waiting for the heater. Also watch for dropsy, it’s a sign of kidney failure and with the conditions your sister left him in he can be at risk for organ failure. Even if the waters simply too cold for him his organs will inevitably just stop working.

  21. Im on my way home now, gonna grab some seachem prime, I called my mom and she said the little guy was looking better but ill see and post an update when I get hone

  22. Put some live plants! When I first got plants I was pretty nervous but as it turns out plants are ridiculously easy to grow. Most of them anyway. Duckweed is an excellent starter It's a plant that sits at the top of the water.

  23. Understood! I just posted a small update, so now I'm just hoping he'll last till morning and I'll get him some plants and stuff

  24. And make sure you turn off filter and heater when doing these water changes. Also get a gravel vac to clean the substrate to avoid old food trapped in between the rocks. You’ll probably need to buy a separate heater for a 5 gallon bucket to heat up the water. I do this a day ahead. Get a smaller heater rated for 3-5 gallons. You always want your water level above the line on the heater where it says and if it doesn’t have one then keep it fully submerged! Hope this helps. I know it’s a lot to tank on but you’re awesome for doing so!

  25. I'll definitely get started when I get home if my mom hasn't already, what temp should the water be?

  26. She’s being abused. Without anything else - what reasonable person is upset with their SO wanting to see their family on Christmas. That’s nuts.

  27. What do I do about her working with the boyfriend's mom

  28. Im just worried that she might be too far gone too, my mom told me she dropped out of college and I think I heard my sister wants to start a business kinda out of nowhere. I'll start trying to treat her more gently, but ill be honest being gentle is a little difficult.

  29. I've searched Google and while I found the same brand, I haven't found this exact one, and to be honest I have no idea what the thread count is.

  30. Close but mark would be in front of the car wait8ng to see if he could take it

  31. Im guessing the first part got taken down, and tbh, i haven't read this, but looking at the comments, im not missing much

  32. Im glad to see that there are still parents who care more for their child over their partner, there's not enough of those on this sub

  33. I wonder where's the rest of this story, bc I remember it gets so much worse lol

  34. Right?! I definitely read this before and I could swear there was another two updates, one where it got worse and the brother kept bugging for the sons location, and the SIL confronted the parents….then a second where parents talked and the husband apologized to the son after reading the post and realizing he was groomed. the son came home but the brother and kids won’t talk to them anymore?

  35. Exactly! I dont see them on the profile so I wonder if a different account made fake updates

  36. Posts like this make me so angry about the police not being able to do anything until after it happens when it's pretty obvious this Entitled neighbor would've eventually resorted to violence

  37. I mean, they totally can do something. They just choose not to.

  38. That's definitely true, and that's especially why I lean towards more money to social programs to help with situations like these.

  39. Where's your money that the middleman was meant to be paying the card issuer? If the card issuer doesn't have it as a posted payment, and you don't have it in the account it's taken from ...

  40. It was going through; I saw on my statements, I fixed the situation though so I'm good for now, definitely gonna keep an eye out though in case anything happens judging from other redditors comments

  41. So I'm not familiar with cesi specifically but most of those companies just take your money and stop paying your bills. They let you default then negotiate with your creditors. So usaa sold the debt because they haven't been paid in months

  42. Sometimes I read things like this and wonder what is the cheaters thought process? Like what makes you think any of that is even remotely a good idea? Especially bringing the girl you cheated with, and then on top of that, saying that she's pregnant???

  43. If you are doing a Cyber Security bootcamp you should take the job with fewer hours that's closer to home and focus on that program.

  44. Yeah, I was thinking about that, but the bootcamp is only going to be 12 hrs a week, but for 40 weeks

  45. The more time you can dedicate to the bootcamp the better. The 12 hours is the minimum.

  46. Ah, that makes more sense. Tbh I just got my first paycheck for the 15.23 job, and it was about 100ish away from being the same amount as the 16.00 job, and that was only for 1 week. So I'm gonna keep it as my main job, and stay at the 16.00 til the end of the semester with shorter hours so I can get the education reimbursement.

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