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  1. These are actually fine. They’re made from a different part of the plant. It’s also so refined that no gluten would exist anymore if it was there.

  2. Honestly based on all the interviews, interactions I ve seen she's so well spoken, kind, mature and respectful . Deserves to be a role model. Kudos to her

  3. I missed the beginning but was anyone who wasn’t part of the show invited to the ceremony? It seemed like those who weren’t there for AoI zoomed in or sent a message. I wonder if the whole no invite thing was just something made by the media to create more drama.

  4. It so obvious lol. For the old criterias if they maintain that, yuzu would win every year.

  5. I believe his free program was reused from the previous season so was not eligible. So the only eligible one was the SP.

  6. I'm still so confused why this whole thing even exists. It's such an awkward show. The one in 2020 was at least more cohesive because Charlie White and Tanith White were significantly better hosts. A lot of the categories don't make sense, like why does Best Costume go to the skater who wore the costume and not the designer who designed it? Best Costume would make more sense if it operated like Mathieu Caron vs Liza McKinnon or something, since then it could be a suite of costumes rather than just one costume. Or if they kept it at one costume, more emphasis should be put on the designer than the skater, since most skaters have limited input in costume design. At least the winner of Best Costume, Madison Chock (and Evan Bates) for the past three years, are deeply involved in the design process of the costume so she can give input on her design process in the interview afterwards (and Evan exists to hype Madison up). Best Coach also makes no sense, not just because of the questionable ethics, but why was Patrice Lauzon specifically nominated and not Marie-France or Romain? Most Valuable Skater also makes no real sense as a category, and the whole event was just such a weird mix of good skating, awkward awards, and bad singers.

  7. It would be nice to see the costume designers get more recognition. They really should be mentioned with the best costume award. They could even split it like they do best performance and choreographer. Have best costume designer and most entertaining costume or something.

  8. I don’t even get why he’d get hate over this. Ilia is the obvious choice for the Special Achievement Award. He landed and continues to land the most difficult jump in the world right now, and no one else has. Imo, his award is the most objective of the awards given out, lol.

  9. Totally agree. Fans make no sense sometimes. The awards are based on this season and last. Yuzu showed up to one competition and placed 4th. Ilia made history with a 4A and repeated it more than once. There’s really no competition here. I love Yuzu too but he didn’t do anything special last season to get a “special achievement” award for.

  10. Oh, I don’t really see Fanyus caring at all about Ilia winning this award though, quite honestly. I’m not even a Fanyu, myself, but I don’t think they’ll care at all. My point was that I don’t think Ilia will get hate over this award from anyone, really.

  11. There’s some toxic comments on Twitter already but they’re more directed to ISU instead of Ilia.

  12. Not sure about DS9 but some shows have both English and English CC options in the subtitles. One is just the regular subtitles and the other is the jumpy one.

  13. Maybe there's less cashiers but many stores have been expanding their pickup services which requires more staff in that department. They also needs to hire more higher-wage workers to maintain all the tech used in stores (self-checkouts don't operate for free). Labour costs increase when minimum wage increases so even cutting staff can mean spending more on remaining staff. There's still lots of overhead costs. If electricity prices increase, it goes up for companies too. Just cutting a few staff isn't magically going to keep costs from everything else from going up.

  14. Tik Tok either extends, or I think HULU will pay for rights.

  15. The only problem with Hulu is that they don't really exist outside of the US so I'm not sure it makes sense for branding.

  16. Disney owns ESPN and Hulu... by proxy it's Disney in this scenario, my dude.

  17. Sure but the actual Hulu brand does not exist outside of the US and many people don't know what they are or who owns them. There's better brands that would utilize European exposure better.

  18. The drug is banned both in and out of competition because it provides an unfair advantage in training.

  19. It’s legal in Ontario. Has been for about 5years now.

  20. No it’s not and has never been in the “past 5 years”. Hot meals that require temperature control must be prepared and stored in commercial kitchens. The only thing you can do in a residential kitchen is “low risk” food items.

  21. We used to make things like this with Shrinky Dinks when I was a kid. I'm old lol.

  22. I canceled my Disney+ and Hulu because they are not saying anything about a season 4 of the Orville. This is cruel to us die-hard fans. I wish they would say SOMETHING! I don't get a favorite show often. At LEAST it had 3 seasons :)

  23. Season 3 was the best show on TV. If anything deserves another season it’s The Orville.

  24. I was told in another thread that Canada fries were gf for McDonalds but I'm pretty sure they still share a fryer with the breaded chicken nuggets

  25. McDonald’s in Canada uses different fryers for fries and breaded products. They’re usually located in different areas too. Only some small food court/Walmart locations may use shared fryers. But at the full size locations there’s no contamination to the fries (including hash browns and waffle fries).

  26. Your university should have an accessibility department to help with things like this. They can advocate to your professors for you and you can get academic accommodations such as writing exams in an isolated room with extra time, extra time on assignments, reduced course load, etc.

  27. Yes, she switched long before the ban. Basically Russian fed wouldn’t give her assignments so she left.

  28. But Keegan could have had the same success in USA. He had the technical content for that. You can't say the same thing about Nastya.

  29. No way. Keegan's international career probably would have been limited to a handful of GP assignments, nothing more. I love the guy but his skating is really inconsistent and there is just no way he could have made a name for himself competing against skaters like Nathan Chen, Adam Rippon, Vincent Zhou, Jason Brown etc. US even had to leave Ilia off the Olympic team last season. There just isn't really room to shine with so much talent in the US field. Canada gave him so much more opportunity then he would have got in the US.

  30. Seeing some controversy in other FS circles. Apparently one of the technical controllers is Bradie's old choreographer. People are assuming this is why she didn't get any UR calls. I guess we will see how tonight goes.

  31. It's not her fault at all but it's a massive conflict of interest if true.

  32. Taking bets for the PCS difference between Jason and Ilia...

  33. Not sure I would choose music Nathan Chen won Nationals with

  34. can you believe actual fs judges confuse transition and choreography with actual choreo sequence so you're punished for being too good at performing

  35. I don’t think that’s right. Looking at his GP skate, his chsq is his 4th element, not at the end. So I’m not sure what the second chsq was about but they did mark his first one at the right spot (and I think it did have positive goe in the live tech box). I’m just not sure why it was invalidated after.

  36. Transit needs a complete overhaul. Most the routes don’t make sense anymore and are complicated.

  37. How is he allowed to compete when the rest of his new home rink is banned

  38. He doesn't compete for Russia so the ban doesn’t apply to him.

  39. Look at the guy in the top right at the end of the video

  40. GoEs are all over the place, another skater with -2 and +2 on the same element. How is that even possible?

  41. They're really short changing her on those GoEs :(

  42. Thanks for sharing! You must have some awesome knee bend breaking those down in 3 months. I’m hesitant on Aura as well. My daughter is a complicated fit and we discussed doing Aura’s but I worry something will go wrong and we’ll be stuck with nothing.

  43. Evgenia used to have lots of tape on her Edeas too. There was also the issue with Edea’s breaking way too early causing skaters to withdraw from comps but people still use and recommend them. I wouldn’t take how one skater treats their boots as a sign of them being good or bad. Kaiya and Nam (and quite a few other Canadians) use Auras without taping them.

  44. I like them both but US for me if I had to pick. It’s just really a feel good show and something I can rewatch. I also love Jay and how he tries to hang out with the ghosts and is genuinely interested in them. His character really makes the difference for me.

  45. Man that -1 deduction really hurt Gabriele. He’d be 6th and final group otherwise.

  46. Judges seemed rough on him. He got negative GoE on 4 elements.

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