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  1. Not really , no . I find it more cultural appreciation. The dress that refers to a sari is just beautiful and such care has gone into the details , and honestly ? If people take the time to study a culture , use music that is relevant to the culture and bring it to light in a respectful way, without being derogatory and kitch (sp?)…. That culture has more to win than having people never using it at all and keeping it untouchable . Yes, some cultures should never be touched by those outside of them , like dying cultures that take great care into preserving the purity and the heritage of it … so things such as using feather head dresses or … big or …. Using an interpretation of cartoonish aboriginal dances and face painting in ice dancing, is a HUGE NO NO NO

  2. I don’t really see “cultural appreciation” in her program. It’s nowhere near the level of detail that Davis&White put into theirs. I feel like if she even did a bit of research she would see that the film has become highly controversial/problematic and wouldn’t choose music from it to skate to.

  3. Can anyone explain to me why Ilia's PCS are so high? Don't get me wrong. He's super impressive and there's a clear difference from last year in terms of effort toward presentation, but still, I'm scratching my head. Second highest PCS in the competition?

  4. I agree, after reading that and scrutinizing today's performance more, this looks a lot more like either being mentally affected by falls after trying to fix his quad toe technique, or outright injury. I don't think he's missing Dr. Shvetsky's vitamin cocktails.

  5. If that’s the case, why not just leave the quad toe out of the program for now? I can’t imaging it’s worth keeping it in if it’s affecting the rest of the program?

  6. I get what you mean. The writing is very simplistic. I’m only about half way into it but it seems more fact based instead of a more personal approach. I do feel like it reflects him though since he’s a very logical/scientific thinker instead of a more creative writer.

  7. I just use gigabit with bell. In the 4 years I’ve been here it’s never been out, maybe once for like 10 min in the middle of the night.

  8. And who has a sustainable one other than Tuktik with their fantastic technique? Rika? Thanks to Kamila we can at least still see some ultra c elements

  9. Pretty sure Kamila hasn't been doing those "ultra c" elements this season.

  10. She only had 2 competitions? She jumped 4T at the practice like five times.

  11. Landing something in practice doesn’t matter if she can’t do it in competition. She also isn’t jumping a 3A or her other quads anymore.

  12. Not surprising. No one is going to pay a million dollars for a condo in Barrie in this market.

  13. Her axis is just as bad here but the camera angle hides it a bit more.

  14. I really recommend you join the Canadian Celiac Association Facebook group. You will get a lot more accurate answers that come directly from the CCA. Unfortunately generic celiac groups are heavily American and will give you answers based on their labeling laws which is very different. This can be especially problematic for products that have similar names but are actually completely different between the two countries (like Smarties). When it comes to label reading questions, it’s much safer to stick to Canadian based groups.

  15. I'm not Canadian, but don't y'all require barley and other gluten sources to be listed like other allergens? So if the yeast extract came from barley, it would say so, right?

  16. There is no context. It’s just made by a company that makes clickbait videos for views. Nothing really more than that.

  17. Have you heard him live or just recordings? I worked in an event venue for 4 years. He was the best live vocalist I heard the whole time, no contest. I don’t think the recordings show just how powerful his voice is live.

  18. It has nothing to do with the ISU so they can create any rules they want.

  19. Ads Assessor is dead. I'm lucky if I can even get more than 2 hours a week.

  20. From Jun's coach's instagram (caption):

  21. Also you should be very careful with gluten-free products. They should be certified. A lot of them are "gluten-free" because of lifestyle and fashion but cross-contaminated, hence, not celiac friendly. Many manufacturers prefer making money on this.

  22. This isn’t how it works. Regardless if it’s “certified” or not it has to be under 20ppm if it has a “gluten free” claim. It can’t be cross contaminated above 20ppm. Also, something that’s “certified” doesn’t mean safer. Especially in countries like Canada and Europe, you can absolutely trust GF labels.

  23. Not only that, but you will have to get new pots and pans as well. Gluten will bake into the metal and only be releases when it gets hot again so washing it doesn’t do any good. I’ve learned this the hard way when trying to reuse old pans to make a GF pizza.

  24. Gluten doesn’t “bake into the metal” and doesn’t “only release when hot”. It’s a physical particle and can be washed. Pots and pans that can be washed are fine. Only things where gluten can physically hide are unsafe, like a baking pan with folded corners where it’s hard to fully clean the corners.

  25. He wears a custom blade by a Japanese company.

  26. Our local store has bulk foods you can scoop yourself. The GF flour is right next to the wheat flour. I’ve told those idiots to move it several times, but they don’t give AF. Anyone with half a brain would know to avoid that.

  27. They can’t move it. Where product is placed on a shelf is decided by corporate as companies pay for prime locations. Individual stores have to follow the plans they are given. Complain to corporate or the actual manufacturer as they’re paying for that retail space.

  28. Sounds like me (minus the vomiting). I was eventually diagnosed with

  29. I love how Elton has really embraced a skater using his music, unlike some other artists…

  30. Is this a subtle jab referencing to another artist or incident that occurred or just in general?


  32. They are very inaccurate and very expensive to operate (something like $6 for one reading not including the cost of the device).

  33. I like using Chosen Foods Avocado oil spray, they sell a larger version at Costco. No propellants, no additives, just 100% oil.

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