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  1. Hogan did practice a lot....... He practiced learning how to lie about, Foley, Savage, Hart, Von Erich, Andre, Inoki.......the list goes on and on.

  2. Practiced hard at taking those roids too, you know how much training that takes brother?

  3. Roids? He said they were vitamins. That's why I couldn't get hulked up. Looks like he lied to me too.

  4. Wow, they’re getting really extreme in its these bot swarms. You got downvoted to -20 in like 7 minutes lol

  5. I don't mind the downvotes. The repost bots are in several subs I'm subscribed to and I just try to repost as many as I can. This one will be gone soon enough once enough other people report it because of the title.

  6. Yeah, I feel you. It just used to be that you got to -5, maybe -10. They’re just going overboard now. My comment is at +5 and your comment is decreasing still.

  7. I'm getting upvotes on my comments of 2 other repost bots so its kind of balancing them out. lol

  8. He has fell down the stairs. He has fell up the stairs. He has fell off of a bicycle. Now he has fallen on flat ground. I wonder how many times he has fallen out of bed.

  9. Please don't be this person posting a boring video. The other driver stooped where they were supposed to.

  10. Looks like there was also an attempt to put siding on a house correctly.

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