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  1. Hey just to let you know I ended up fixing it! …kind of lol this will be a bit of a long story

  2. Was on Channel Nine free to air tv in Australia not mtv, about 7pm and hosted by Molly Meldrum. I remember watching it and was amazed.

  3. You can’t. Amazon has made the service a shuffle radio station basically.

  4. I don’t know, but I do know the prices for cassette Walkmans has gone way up in Japan and close to prices anywhere in the world.

  5. I got this as non function and did all the cleaning up and it worked fine for over a year it’s got new belts I opened and checked and the belt is still fine (I put a new one in when I got it). One thing is when I put a cassette in it didn’t go in properly and might have bent one of the drive spindles but they look straight. But it worked after that for a while

  6. Reading this it seems you don’t know much about cassettes and how they work at all. Skip protection for 10 seconds, that’s not a cassette thing, it’s for CD portables. Cassettes are fine on bumps and have been since I’ve used them in the early 80s in cars etc. headphones go to a headphone Jack not an Auxiliary jack (that’s input or output). All cassettes players need maintenance. Any stereo recordable cassette deck/portable that has an input can record audio from a pc. Just use correct leads.

  7. Marantz, Teac/Tascam still have new decks. There’s some no name ones too I think.

  8. If it works then it will be fine. It’s a super basic model, made to be cheap but as long as you have an Auxiliary input for your car you can play tapes.

  9. It’s so funny to look at the downvoted ideas on this sub, it just feels so mean

  10. That makes it funny to me lol, I’d definitely use your method

  11. Some people that suggest things have never actually done it themselves it seems.

  12. I just tested it and it doesn't play tapes but radio works. Tried to post video on here but got an error message that went away before I could read it

  13. It’s a cheap basic model. You need to open it up and fix it. At the least it will need new a belt

  14. It’s fine. And whatever is the sold price on EBay is the max to pay for a working unit.

  15. 4 hours (plus waiting to at the stations, another hour) , so 5 hours commuting every lecture. That silly to do. Stay at Brisbane somewhere.

  16. Any cassette deck can record audio from your computer. Audio out of the computer is analogue (not digital). Audio out of the computer to audio in on the deck.

  17. There’s nothing tricky about it, just need to get your levels correct that’s all.

  18. I think I remember a post on this sub asking the same thing a month or two ago, do a search and you may find it. I thought the answer was that it can’t be changed.

  19. Ok and when I click record the red light turns on or does it need a blank tape in it first? Its a Yamaha KX-200U

  20. I don’t know that model but a lot of decks need a tape in for the buttons (play etc) to work.

  21. It's one of the many all in one units made to look like separate components. Manufacturers were making so many different ones it's probably the reason you can't find any info.

  22. I'm sorry this is so late but I never thanked you for the recommendation! I got an AKAI deck from Ebay based on your mention and I've been absolutely in love with it.

  23. Champion. Glad I helped. Akai is great, I had an Akai Boombox and loved it as a kid (pity I gave it away 10 years ago when I thought no one wants cassettes anymore)

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