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  1. Turn the oven back on. Heat to 500. Stick your asshole bread back in. Let your asshole bread get brown. You have salvageable asshole bread. Btw, I messed up a baguette pretty badly yesterday too. Hang in there.

  2. That’s actually a good idea, going to do this now.

  3. One of my friends had testicular cancer surgery at the end of last month and was working on lines to tell the doctor. The winner was “I guess I’m doing no nut November a bit differently this year.”

  4. What's the best way to go about a multiclassification problem in which 3 of the features are x, y, z coordinates, with each row only having one location per outcome?

  5. > one record close to another in x, y, z will likely have a similar outcome

  6. Yeah, XGB still outperforms knn and svm here. There's a bunch of other non-coordinate covariates that contribute and XGB just kicks butt in this case. Fair enough, thanks for the response!

  7. Day 2, 30 min or less solve with Julia. Verbose but made it.

  8. Which makes sense, Romeo is in data science these days, which is a large component of the type of worker Elon is letting go.

  9. “okay well if you’re coming to Friendsgiving can you pitch in” which I’m not I just haven’t responded to her

  10. That’s… fair? If you’re going you should, in fact, pitch in. If you’re not, you shouldn’t. This is all within the bounds of normal expectations for adults.

  11. Being a bike ride from all of my best friends houses

  12. Why save? My bank gives me what 1%? Fuck that. I’ll invest instead.

  13. Yeah! My investments will give me -10% instead!

  14. So what's happening is that you're hitting bbref's requests limit when you run all of these at once. If you output what's actually scraped, you'll see:

  15. I honestly think she knows it’s not going to work, but is contractually obligated (or incentivized?) to go to the wedding so she’s just trying to win in the court of public opinion

  16. I got nauseous just looking at those high altitude photos 😭

  17. Question is very gross. Her answer isn’t great either. “Only doing this because it’s required” doesn’t help get rid of the stigma people seem to have for whatever reason. We should be trying to normalize protecting ourselves and others.

  18. This script is so airtight that it’s used in many film classes. It’s widely considered to be a perfect movie.

  19. I Don’t know about airtight - they kinda gloss over the fact that a high schooler and nuclear physicist are bffs

  20. I know this is Reddit, but merely having friends doesn’t make you a Karen.

  21. So this guy is looking for someone who is unhappy enough with their current employment to be seeking a new job, but not so unhappy as to prefer the weekend over their current job. Got it.

  22. Lol that assumes Altuve will get on base, which hasn’t been his strong suit this postseason

  23. Right but that’s against AL teams. We all know pitching in NL is not as strong.

  24. Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola are as strong as any 1-2 out there, including AL. Unless you think there won’t be a steal until game 3.

  25. She’s actually got something lined up now actually. A Netflix project I believe.

  26. A clicker came with the treat fanny pack but I was preferring going with the enthusiastic "yaaaaassss" like Zak George. Is there a benefit to the clicker over a positive signal?

  27. Important to note that Eileen Getty (of the Getty Oil family) is a pretty big contributor to Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion.

  28. It’s astroturfing. Most of the stuff funded by her is like defacing famous art. No better way to get people to stop engaging with climate activism than by making the activism around it unpopular.

  29. I've tried running it myself yesterday and found it performed marginally better than LR and Catboost on one of my simple hobby classification problems, but it was much slower. Whereas the other methods performed training and inference in <1s wall time on my laptop cpu, the inference of TabPFN was around 10s.

  30. Yeah, I ran a few tests this weekend on various data sizes and you basically need a GPU for this to be manageable right now.

  31. Your choice of words sounds like you... don't believe the background on transformers / deep learning, and don't believe what the paper says?

  32. Because I’ve been in this field long enough to see plenty of false promises on scalability.

  33. Lamar Jackson is singlehandedly ruining my mental health in Sundays at this point.

  34. My issue with Michael is that while nurses and front line workers were pleading for masks and gloves, Michael was hoarding PPE and selling it at marked up prices! Couldn’t give a fuck less if he gets engaged.

  35. Impressed they have small and seemingly uninteresting tid bits in it, but to someone in the industry I appreciate the effort by production. Snip not ripping tape is a contentious argument among chefs since the the dawn of tape. Also the use of the green painters tape is indicative of high end establishments. Popularized by The French Laundry. Momofuku claims orange.

  36. What’s the deal with Birki Bostons and chefs?

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