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The Freedom Protests have caught the attention of mainstream media. The message is getting out. Governments are starting to feel the power of the resistance. Go truckers, you are paving the way to freedom from mandates, all over the world!

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  1. Literally finished the fight on his back

  2. Rewatch the third. Suga did not have that round.

  3. That knee to rearrange yans face definitely didn’t happen

  4. Ofc all the way O’Malley fans on Reddit know more about mma and judging than Khabib. In all seriousness, if you think O’Malley won that fight, you need to get a mental evaluation.

  5. Being a BYU football fan and being Mormon aren’t mutually exclusive. I can’t stand the church, but I love Kalani as a coach and want to see them win. Fuck the church tho.

  6. Yes the more I read about this camera the more bizarre it is.

  7. The more I use the camera the more I hate it.

  8. I've encountered so many bugs and issues with this camera it's hard to even know where to begin,.

  9. The Canon filter is a VND. I've experienced similar on my 11-24 with the Canon CPL in the drop-in EF to RF adapter, I would expect the VND to do so too depending on the angle to the sun. I haven't yet used a VND in the adapter.

  10. It's definitely the ND filter causing this. After doing some tests today I was able to come to that conclusion. The dark spot moves around the frame depending on where the sun is relative to me. Even when I have the filter turned all the way down.

  11. It's definitely the ND filter causing this. After doing some tests today I was able to come to that conclusion. The dark spot moves around the frame depending on where the sun is relative to me.

  12. I’ve been waiting since March 1st for the R5C, coming from a 1DX2, been worried about batteries and a little about the IBIS vs the R5. I’ve not had IS in the last 10 years so I’m curious how the digital stabilizer works. The battery and AF is a little sad to hear also… I guess I can make my final call within the return window.

  13. I’m same boat as you. Been using a 1DX2 for the past 6 years now. I believe when you hook into power you don’t lose AF during video but I could be wrong. Been waiting since March 1st for mine and it comes next week. You can rig it up pretty small with an fxlion battery for all the extra battery you need.

  14. Get a 360 camera and you can track the sun throughout the timelapse.

  15. Someone told me truckers are organizing to surround the Superbowl in L.A. but idk if that's true.

  16. This would be the greatest thing ever.

  17. In honor of all those leaves I will be raking up in a week or two.

  18. Which CMYK pen set did you use? I'm having trouble finding a set that really works well.

  19. What are your export settings? If you are using Hardware Encoding to H264, switch to Software Encoding, or encode to a different video codec altogether like ProRes.

  20. I was going to say this as well. Try Software encoding instead of hardware.

  21. Do you have your settings saved in drawingbot v3 for this? I'd be curious to know the line density and brightness.

  22. Sometimes the stars align haha I have 2 high fives and I go for them everytime

  23. Low five is when you bump into your teammate on the ground after your team scores a goal, and high five is in the air.

  24. So are high fives and aerial goals started at the same height?

  25. They didn’t even play a replay of it. I need the phantom super slow footage from the baseline of it haha

  26. This is what I have always been taught. I modify all my footage to 23.976 and label the clips certain colors according to framerate. Then bring into the timeline select entire color and change the speed of clips so they are real-time in the timeline.

  27. The battery is good. Would the fact that they replaced 2 power distribution boxes make you think it’s something other than battery, ground, or alternator?

  28. What kind of shop? They sound like they have no idea what they are talking about.

  29. I really appreciate all the the help! Thank you! Holy hell I messed this thread up somehow

  30. I used a processing script called death to sharpie

  31. I too am interested. Any youtube videos or insight that you get can me pointed in the right direction besides death to sharpie?

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