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What would your dream hobby be if time and money were not an issue?

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  1. I used to live in an area in upstate New York that only had 4G at best. When I'd visit friends in Chicago and pass into areas that had 5G it was a world a difference. Faster download speeds, faster upload speeds, and more reliable service overall.

  2. I mean, CLG have and still need to replace Stixxay. Kobbe would be a great addition to that team. I don't want it, but it's not like it's surprising.

  3. I'm a long time fan of CLG and I'm not sure what happened to the Stixxay who popped off against SKT as a rookie. He's good, but there's so many better ADC players out there now.

  4. One of my favorite book moments was the wizarding chores at the burrow. Specifically de-gnoming the garden.

  5. I already do it, but having more time for scuba diving and more money for better gear would be amazing.

  6. You from Louisiana or you just like them?

  7. My first tattoo was of a fleur dis lis with the center spike replaced with a lit match. I was born down there and most of my family lives in the area still and my great grandmother used to say, "Some days I can set the world on fire, others I can't even find the match."

  8. The purple and gold was a last minute addition. I have my entire left ribcage done with a lion that I had finished in royal purple. The colors in the fleur-de-lis were chosen to offset and make the piece pop with what I have on that side already.

  9. Mine is actually inspired by the St. Louis flag. The city was founded by the French and has a lot of heritage here. I'm from The Lou, but have lived in 4 states over the last 4 years. This is my way of having "home where the heart is."

  10. Mine is either "Tobacco products of any variety are now illegal."

  11. Blues fan here, Bort's hit, then second hit, then Binnington's shove were all dirty. I love my team, but I'm glad to see someone calling it like it is. Toews is a great player and has good opinions on stuff like this. We need players speaking out more often on safety/punishment so that the bar keeps moving in the right direction.

  12. I've been knocked into oblivion by Baron before when I was playing Bard. You can actually still move around while in the air I found out.

  13. After being gold the last 2 seasons from a lack of playing ranked, I hit plat for the first time. I'm gonna grind and play with my buddy in diamond next season.

  14. Are you using Alt + key click to cast your shield? If so, you shouldn't have to worry about your cursor.

  15. I am using the one called Quick + Self Cast, which I binded to Shift +QWER. Does another one of these bindings cast on self even if your cursor is on an ally?

  16. The actual self-cast hotkey is Alt+Q/W/E/R. It sounds like you've kinda got 2 bindings together. So when you use your "self-cast" macro, the shift click is targeting whatever your cursor is hovering.

  17. I'm an Ali main most days. Outside of Alistar, I like playing Nami, Lulu, and Janna in support. I'm a utility player, so my secondary role is usually top.

  18. And as always, don't hit wards while taking baron/dragon unless there is an immediate threat of TP as it gives 2 seconds of vision that refreshes on each hit.

  19. I like getting champ shards. After I realized how useless getting them was, I got into pokemon mode. Gotta catch em all. I have 122 shards so far.

  20. I just disenchanted 40k BE in champ shards. I was collecting just for shits and giggles, but I was curious the total. Went from 85k to 125k BE.

  21. It’s not that I’m rooting for the Blues to win. It’s that I’m rooting for the bruins to lose.

  22. I'll accept that as an offer of support for my Blues

  23. Dread it.Run from it. Mr Buffalo still arrives

  24. The name of the organization is Cloud9, not Cloud 9. Please keep that in mind :)

  25. Layne Staley is another musician gone way too soon. He was phenomenal.

  26. I'm looking for a new tracker that is not a fitbit. How is that Garmin?

  27. Garmin makes the best IMO. I have the Vivóactive 3 and previously had the 2, and the first model. GPS connectivity is standard, waterproof up to like 30 meters (I've worn mine while diving down to about that actually), tracks steps, sleep patterns, heart rate, V02 max, and has numerous settings to add activities beyond normal running, swimming, or biking. Can connect with smartphones or you can just look at your stuff online. The 3 is about $300 I think, but completely worth it.

  28. Thank you, good sir. Fuck the Hawks, and may the Kings never go unfucked either.

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