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Man on my SouthWest flight tying battery wires together mid flight.

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  1. Your photo makes it look normal. I'm not seeing a bathtub.

  2. can you see the sides? it’s basically a raised shower. the bathtub is inside so it’s not visible.

  3. oooh. how is the maneuverability on those? i had a summer one - i think the next size up and the turning radius was horrible!

  4. It's not the best, but it's not too bad. It's a really good value for $50. I took it outside for the first time today (decided to just go ahead and accept that I'm a stroller hoarder) and it wasn't great at going over bumps in the sidewalk, but I didn't have the front wheels locked straight. There is an option to lock them for rougher terrain, so I'm sure that probably helps with that issue. Out of the 3 I've tried, this is the one I think I'm gonna stick with. I'm just really surprised there isn't more of a market for portable carry-on strollers.

  5. i agree that there should be more strollers on the market that doesn’t weigh 30lbs and takes 20 min to unload/unfold!

  6. Of course, if you can get Scott Boras to represent you, you will get a professional contract. He is also the agent for Carter Stewart.

  7. i agree with chiakix that the baseball culture in japan is going to be different than what you are. you’re going to have to put your ego aside to start from the bottom.

  8. Of course. It makes sense, it’s just funny to me that they created a niche visa instead of making special exceptions to the work one.

  9. Wait... let me get this right. You're attempting to build your life around a goal socioeconomic status dependent upon city? What? I get that you're young, but that's some serious naivete that you're sporting there. I hope that you grow out of it.

  10. wait does he think he can just choose whether he wants to be at a middle class or upper middle class status…?

  11. Doordash, I promise it'll save your life.

  12. You have no idea what you're talking about if you're insinuating that it will be difficult for OP to find work after graduating from Todai's Japanese-taught degree programs with N1 certification.

  13. agreed, if OP can get n1 and then a degree from todai what’s the question here? OP, what is your definition of “an option worth considering”? if you’re capable of getting n1 and being accepted to todai that’s most of the battle itself.

  14. Not entirely sure if there’s a specific industry you’re looking for but Adidas Japan is often hiring for supply chain mgmt, with an English speaking office, however it sounds like they prefer not to relocate or sponsor.

  15. This is helpful! I saw a few of their postings and I think some fit my background. I haven’t tried applying yet but how difficult is it to find a company that will actually sponsor you?

  16. i’m not entirely sure. i just know about adidas personally because of some friends that work there and says that for the most part adidas does not sponsor. you can take a look at their job listings and job site; they have some videos on work culture at their tokyo office and some other info that may be helpful for you. supply chain is a universal job, however, finding one in a predominantly english speaking office in japan is hard because usually when they need someone to speak english, it’s to work with everyone else in the supply chain in both languages

  17. yeah, but keep in mind “celebrities” sometimes get treated differently than just a regular lay person. for example, it’s the norm for you to introduce yourself as smith john instead of john smith. but will smith gets to be referred to as ウイルスミス instead of smith will.

  18. “Hey bro, whatcha workin on?” pretty fair question on an airplane and you don’t need a flight attendant.

  19. It's really not clear why you want to come to Japan, and how it aligns with any other life goals.

  20. once your septum heals, it’s easy to flip it up so it’s hidden or wear a clear retainer for work if you don’t mind switching it in and out. i’ve lived in japan with one for years and would only hide it in more “conservative” situations.

  21. yeah but also gary oldman had to be hospitalized for malnutrition after he lost a ton of weight to play sid vicious in sid and nancy

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