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  1. As a DM, balance between players and enemies lets me know that a fight is actually as dangerous as I want it to be. You say "if an enemy is overpowered, you do not fight them", but I've had many experiences playing D&D 5E (a game that isn't great on this balance point) where a fight is unexpectedly overpowered. The problem is a mismatch between the narrative and the mechanics. If I roll up an encounter that I think will be easy - but unknown to me, the system isn't actually balanced and its very difficult - then I as a DM will not be giving my players the context clues to know "This is a fight that we should run from", because I don't think it is.

  2. But if the group realises "Oh boy, this enemy seems to be way above our league", then the PCs still can run or surrender (depending on the enemy)?

  3. I mean like, in theory. But not every fight is something you actually can run from, in practice. Sometimes, you only realize the fight is stronger than anticipated when you roll damage and a player suddenly goes "I'm dead", and then it's too late for that player, at least. In many other circumstances, the objectives of the fight and the layout of the terrain make retreating not a viable option.

  4. According to one of the Reuters sources linked in the Wikipedia page, it seems that he continued to serve Pu Yi even after the imperial court was expelled from the Forbidden City (which was in 1924, not 1917), up until Manchukuo collapsed in 1945. So by the sound of it, he served Pu Yi for thirty five years, which is a far cry from what the post title here implies.

  5. It assumes both a lot of dubious things about the Others' motivation and that the Others have very specific information about what's going on. Not merely a prophecy analogous to the one of Azor Ahai, but one with so much details they could identify faces based on it.

  6. This assumes that the Others are mostly operating under standard human forms of learning information and getting details, but they're one of the few factions of the world of ASOIAF that displays true understanding of magic. They're not human, and they could have learned information like the appearance of a Stark through scrying or other supernatural methods.

  7. There are a number of specific matchups that can throw a fight. For instance, a level 4 character with Negative Healing can beat a

  8. As everyone else said, the answer is in Ward. Around Arc 18 or 19, if I remember correctly.

  9. Her halo, not her key. We've seen with Meti and Zoss that you don't need hold or ever have held a key to manifest a halo.

  10. Those two are both Royalty, though. Everyone we’ve seen with a full halo has either been a key bearer or a Royal, and this flashback Maya is definitely not Royalty.

  11. I am fairly certain that the white bit in the previous page is not Maya's halo, but you are incorrect. Angels sometimes also manifest a halo, which makes sense since the halos are just the owner's atum.

  12. That’s just Juggernaut, if I remember correctly, and she rides the lightning like a demiurge. She seems to have been given a key by Metatron.

  13. You're right, I think let me rephrase:

  14. I think their Agent should probably have a component action (which would have to mean a completely different Agent, of course). One of the small side effects of not getting a Strategy card is they're down one component action per turn, and their ability to stall is going to be marginally affected. This could be easily offset by giving their agent a cost an action to use, returning them to the level of a normal faction.

  15. Based on her story it seems likely that she cast off her key to go become a farmer. I'm seeing a parallel to the Elder Wand, from Harry Potter: In the eyes of the Demiurges, at least, you need to take the key from the former owner by force. Incubus never earned the key, he just picked it up when it was discarded.

  16. When she mentions that she cast off "her crown, her sword and all things magnificent and glorious" she's referring to her Key; she didn't actually wear a crown other than her halo. Incubus presumably picked it up off the ground before leaving the Yellow City.

  17. I think this is a fear where the underlying fears and nuances likely push it around and give it to another power, but in the absence of any context, for a "pure fear of the future", probably the Extinction.

  18. Maya embracing the soul of peasantry, and possessing a level of reality-warping sword art than even Incubus doesn't have suggests to me that she must on some level, be Royalty. The shimmer of her bindi throughout the comic is also contrasted with the imagery of others with great power, indicating some kind of hidden strength.

  19. Royalty is a continuous struggle. I don't think she is fully Royal — certainly not on the level that Zoss, Meti or Intra seem to be — but she does seem to be further on the path than nearly anyone else.

  20. Back in book two, when Juggernaut is telling White Chain about the cycle, she says that she kills the

  21. you do know that bright list was deleted due to irl bright using it to approach victims right?

  22. IDK man we already knew Meti killed people by swinging a piece of driftwood around I don't understand why Maya's sexual violence adventures are necessary build-up for the maybe sword.

  23. Maya is nowhere as good of a swordsman as Meti and is making the same mistakes that everyone has mocked Incubus for: she still thinks she needs a sword.

  24. It's something that ends the world. It was the first ever SCP to deal with that concept and as of result treats the end of the world with a level of gravitas and security theater that most SCP articles do not.

  25. There's actually one more sneaky exception made more recently: 3 colour wedges will be ordered with the enemy colour in the middle - so breaking the jump distance minimisation rule but making it look better overall IMO.

  26. She can teleport the entire chunk of glass if she wants/needs to, she's not reliant on the cultists getting her. Remember how she showed up at the end of King of Swords in the arena.

  27. And for what it’s worth, Justin Achilli said the VTR core book was (at the time) the fastest selling WW had ever published. And then V5 broke that record.

  28. I think this just means you see less discussion of the lore on social media forums and online. I've always thought of WoD as better games to discuss, but CofD as better games to actually play.

  29. Other than the fact we have a major rules violation here (Lands cannot have casting costs because they are played, not cast to enter play) it's interestingly themed.

  30. It's clunky and might be too much text for this card, but "If ~ would enter the battlefield, pay 1GGB instead. If you do, put ~ onto the battlefield. If you don’t, put it into its owner’s graveyard." would let you give a land a "casting cost".

  31. And let's you put a land in your graveyard for free. Seems broken.

  32. No better than Rupture Spire for that purpose. Or the

  33. I mean presumably he wanted to be a Demiurge.

  34. Which he already had. When Maya says she "cast aside [her] crown", she's talking about her Key.

  35. Hmm I wonder how Azor was able to leave. Maybe when Niv assumed the role of the living guildpact, Jace's command was nullified? That seems sketchy though, I can't imagine all decrees from the former guildpact would just vanish when the role transfers. My first thought was it going away when Jace got compleated but I'm not sure that makes sense either.

  36. Bolas began the Invasion of Ravnica by destroying the Chamber of the Guildpact. This caused the hieromancy of the Living Guildpact (Jace Edition) to become defunct. Doing so was key to Bolas's plans, because otherwise Jace could have just said "Being an Eternal is illegal on Ravnica" and instantly shut down the invasion.

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