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  1. What salary to expect as a bsc cs fresher ? I'll be satisfied with 30k/month. Is this possible? Or am i just day dreaming

  2. my college has no placements or anything . I have no idea about it

  3. Accomplishment is overrated and bullshit man! Nobody really cares what you accomplish anyway. They only see what they accomplish. Just live and enjoy life

  4. sometimes you have to take hard decisions . I hope everything will go alright .

  5. How much academic performance matter individually for admission in top colleges ?

  6. I think so yes . But right now my basics are really weak so I was thinking to start from now , even though I know it's also a bit late .

  7. same I think about taking commerce in 11th , ended up taking science and literally my whole 11-12 and BSc degree , I hardly passed them . Suck a regretful decisions

  8. you could get a job and suffer your way through life. every now and then it’s fine.

  9. I work for myself. Hypnotherapist & pet sitter- I make my own schedule. I also have a published book and working in a second. I sell products with my paintings on them & designed tee shirts that I sell in Etsy.

  10. don't you feel fear of missing out or something when you see people around you making more money than you ?

  11. I was a nurse for 14 years, of the people around me I make more than some and some make more than me. I love everything I do & that is what matters most.

  12. I suspect I have OCD because of these things but I don't have any of those symptoms like Washing my hands again and again or checking the lock of the door .

  13. tbh compulsions and intrusive thoughts come in many different forms. washing your hands is a common compulsion or tapping on wood but these aren't exclusively the symptoms for obsessive compulsive disorder. psychiatrists and psychologists need to study further about sub-themes. contagious themed ocd isn't just the only intrusive thoughts !!! it can also be about pedophilia any paraphilic thoughts, harming yourself or others, incestuous, etc etc there's so many themes and there's a buncha people struggling with these themes everyday. like for me i dealt with pocd and my compulsions would be pure o, or mental compulsions. I've read a study about pure o actually and unfortunately this is not very well known but your psychiatrist can learn and understand ocd if you share them your theme. like you deal a lot with real event ocd, and that's very much a real thing. the symptoms are not the compulsions itself sometimes but rather, it's that the intrusive thoughts are the ones that cause you anxiety. they are the number one reason you have anxiety and guilt/self shame. when we're pessimistic we start thinking worse case scenarios and although they can be seen as intrusive thoughts ─ they come out of the fear of paranoia, negativity and overall not very good feelings.. it's kinda like your brain is preparing you for the worst to happen but it does it so unrealistically, let's see it as that. but intrusive thoughts, if they give you anxiety, it's likely ocd.

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