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  1. I can definitely relate to this. It’s exhausting. I repeat the things I say in my head I’ve said over and think about how stupid it sounded. Sometimes it comes about for no reason at all. Shame/guilt is one of the worse feelings to feel. It really sucks when you don’t even know what’s causing it.

  2. Forgive me for taking a more sociological/psychological approach because I'm not qualified to do so. However, it's still how I view the issue personally so here it is:

  3. That is true. I guess I never really think about it like that. A lot of creepy guys have absolutely no shame or self-awareness. I think sometimes their goal is to make a woman visibly uncomfortable. They get a kick out of it and usually get away with it. Maybe it isn’t like this everywhere else. I hope so!

  4. There’s a extremely thin line between being romantic and creepy. Level of attractiveness can tip you to either side

  5. Yeah I get that. I will definitely admit that they can seem creepier if they aren’t conventionally attractive. Oops. I guess that’s bad of me but I still don’t want men who I am not romantically involved with to be romantic towards me.

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