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[Medland] Verstappen was told to let Perez through if he couldn't pass Alonso. He couldn't pass Alonso, but didn't let his team-mate through.

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  1. From experience, he wasn't that bad, back when he was A PE teacher and even deputy head, but it sounds like his new position, and new school, has really gone to his head.

  2. Of course he was a PE teacher.

  3. Hitting a flush 7 iron and landing it 3 foot from the pin.

  4. Ninth green at nine for you, advert.

  5. Taking putter off the tee on a par 3 is a bold decision.

  6. I have a Nike carry bag that I bought 15 years ago. I keep looking to buy a new bag but nothing seems to be as well made or have as comfortable straps and padding.

  7. Smudge on the lense!? Smudge on the lense!?

  8. Not gonna lie, I basically watch golf once a year. Why did Couples have an asterisk next to his name?

  9. What do the * next to certain players names denote?

  10. Play resumes and the Sky coverage almost immediately dives for an interview segment. Wonderful.

  11. Don't get emotional, that ain't like you.

  12. A clean 3 wood second shot finding the green on a long par 5

  13. A nice, comfy PW to the middle of the green. My favourite club.

  14. I play a slice. Really consistent too.

  15. I'm impressed how relatively chill Tindal was considering how he can get on the touchline.

  16. Tindal seems pretty calculating.

  17. Get that driver out and send it at the hole.

  18. Taylor Made driver will still send it!

  19. Did I see the 5th bag pop off? Thought I saw something.

  20. Might bite him in the ass, i can imagine Perez not doing him any favours anytime soon. And Max needed his favours in the past…

  21. Perez is paid to drive for Verstappen

  22. Waiting for the rapture. Drop D tuning. You just slide your finger up and down.

  23. Jenson raises a good point. Each race we have 3 dry compounds, why not have 3 wet compounds? Could avoid situations like this, or at least minimize them.

  24. We don't use the single wet compound we have.

  25. Sainz would've avoided the accident if he was driving on the appropriate wet tyres.

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