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  1. $100-200 but depends on artist if you go to a super well known one sometimes rates are always $300 an hour plus

  2. Oh okay, i’m sorry. Should I delete this? also do you know where it would be acceptable to ask?

  3. How do they plan to go about this? How would they know who’s sharing and who’s not?

  4. Well it does because you didn’t specify that what you say is only true for some places

  5. Well now I am? Move on or add something else to the conversation lol

  6. That’s definitely something 😩

  7. I got one with my boyfriend at 18 :) matching and not awkward at all very cute

  8. I like the representation, but I could get all of this and more (and it would LOOK better) with free cc. I won't be buying it.

  9. Generally it’s when someone says something controversial. Yet it’s usually used in a meme manner

  10. So it’s just a reply to something controversial?

  11. Heyy i'm also here because my bf got it lol

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