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  1. I didn't believe Mizkif and Emiru are dating, until they went to Japan together and their interactions were kinda more couple than friends.

  2. Isn't that exactly what happened with Fed and Poki as well? Wtf Japan.

  3. Rae was not that subtitle... Rae was buying clothes for Hasan and no woman buys clothes for a man unless they are dating or family. I gotta commend them for pulling it off successfully. They would gaslight chat for it and ban shipping words.

  4. The scary part is, Alcaraz hasn't reached his peak yet.

  5. Thiem at his peak was the only player beating younger and better versions of the big 3. Alcaraz is playing old man versions of them.

  6. It's not a psycho analysis, I'm doing the same stuff he does. Making baseless claims about somebody.

  7. You're so insecure that you see anybody even just talking about a better future as "grandstanding".

  8. They would both end up banned trying to out-do each other LUL

  9. They'd probably both take the joke way too far and end up banging on screen like a game of PogO chicken.

  10. To be fair, Wikipedia has very strict rules on notability. A subject needs to be covered by a trusted independent source to be deemed worthy of an article. If you Google Travis, there aren't really any trustworthy 3rd-party article written about him.

  11. Is it? Both Hasan and Train are dumb as fuck as far as actual debate, both substance and style, goes. Hasan is just slightly less dumb.

  12. This post reads like a clay court specialist and a hard court specialist putting their power rings together and transforming into the all court monster.

  13. Then you have no idea what you're talking about and clearly didn't watch those three players in their primes.

  14. Nadal never came close to beating Fed at USO. At least Fed made it to the finals to face Nadal on his fav surface.

  15. What? Federer dodged Nadal at the US Open just as much as Nadal dodged Federer. They both failed to meet each other at that tournament. And Nadal made plenty of Wimbledon finals to get shots at Federer on his best court, eventually winning in 2008 after losing in 2006 and 2007. Same can't be said for Federer.

  16. Crazy. Fed is the only player to win 5 back to back USO titles and 40 consecutive matches.

  17. And? How is that related to him dodging Nadal at the USO in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2017, 2019?

  18. A tennis journalist. A quick google provided his Twitter:

  19. It looks like there’s links to various platforms in his Twitter profile, have a gander. Apparently he wrote the tweet this thread is about, anyway.

  20. Writing tweets is not journalism. But thank you for the link.

  21. He wins two grand slams in a row to start 2022, is the best player in the world, even dealing with a broken rib, then tears his abdominal in the semi finals of wimbledon and barely plays again or when he does is completely out of form. Brutal fall from the top of the game all because of injury. Story of Nadal's life but this time he's old as fuck and the comeback will be way harder than usual.

  22. Chris chan the skateboarder? chris chan the OTV guy? Another Chris CHan? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CHRIS CHANS

  23. For me djokovic is unbeatable at the AO and Wimbledon, almost unbeatable at the French open depending on nadal and he’d only be a heavy favorite at the USO with others having a chance to win depending on the draw

  24. I’d also recommend listening to his recent interview on The Tennis Podcast (if you haven’t already).

  25. If only the hosts of the tennis podcast weren't insufferable.

  26. He literally just lost to medvedev and/or Rune depending on what you classify as nextgen.

  27. Good for him. I don't think the victory means as much as some of the folks who have changed their mind about him do, but I think his level of play has meant he's deserved this kind of treatment for some time now. I hope he keeps growing stronger.

  28. Considering Nadal was playing that match with a (re)torn abdominal muscle, yeah. Full credit to Tiafoe because he can't control who he plays, but that version of Nadal was obviously nowhere near his best.

  29. You're downvoted because nobody is saying neither in the title nor the comment you're replying to that Tiafoe beat peak Nadal at the US Open, they were only stating he deserved to receive a different treatment given the level he's shown for a while. No need to excuse every Nadal loss in all the posts in the sub regardless if it's true he was injured, the post didn't call for it.

  30. If no-one can beat Ermes at the moment, as it's most likely, that says a lot about Levan's status.

  31. Nadal (as long as he's healthy and in form which is tbh unlikely these days) is a much bigger threat on grass than Kyrgios and a bigger threat any of those players at the US Open. Nadal is a different beast at the USO.

  32. I am glad Roddick bought up the point about him still being able to perform. As long as he isn’t committing abusive behavior then everything’s fair game. His accent, facial expressions and everything that he does is amusing.

  33. The difference is that Medvedev also literally apologised and showed remorse in press after the match. Like he knows hard courts can be different speeds and that it's his problem not anyone elses. He's knows he's being immature as fuck but says it's part of his personality on court and he can't help it. Kyrgios would never show remorse and is legit harmful to umpires, ballkids and linespeople.

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