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  1. I feel like I'm obligated to hate them now since crossfitters are so much more fit than me.

  2. In truth, I was squatting 4 days after the tear, but I had to build up to this!

  3. I'm currently trying to press and deadlift my way out of a shoulder/trap muscle thing. Eventually I'll push or pull whatever it is back into place!

  4. And reduce range of motion or find an alternative path to move though, while slowly returning to standard range as pain allows.

  5. I’m a former college athlete who learned how to lift from a s&c coach with strongman experience and an masters in exercise science. Who are you?

  6. I do recognize that I need to better the depth of my squats but the rest I didn’t knew about it. thanks mate : )

  7. Think you'll find the keeping tightness and getting a brace will be necessary in order to go deeper. On top of the wedging yourself to the bar, try thinking of pulling the bar into yourself at all times similar to a lat pulldown.

  8. Wait for some older models to go on sale for about 50-70% of that price. If that is in the budget. If not then just save up. Good gear is worth it and lasts longer.

  9. Chain 4 exercises into Giant Set and see how long your cardiovascular endurance will last.

  10. Hey friend, I do this regularly on my accessory days, and superset my barbell work too just because of time constraints. It is absolutely not the same.

  11. Do you get your heart rate high? If yes that's all matters. You don't really need to go all out just to call something "cardio".

  12. There is a difference in heart benefits from HIIT type and steady state friend. That's all I'm trying to point out. People should be doing both.

  13. And then someone will come along and passive-aggressively lift 501 because he has beef with you.

  14. And then someone half either your size to beat you both and then dissappear forever.

  15. Friend I mean this as politely as I can, but maybe you should stick to your spiders.

  16. As a fellow lifter with a pinched nerve I hear ya I wish I had kept exercising overhead presses have done me the world of good yeew nice man!

  17. Man but trying to find angles to keep my arm so it doesn't start going all pins and needles on me is super annoying! At least the range I can keep it in has slowly been increasing.

  18. r_s says:

    I think I have half of my closest full of random shirts ive gotten at meets. Compete 1-2x per year and volunteering often gets free shirts as well. Also only Inzer shirts literally last 2 decades somehow.

  19. It's generally accepted to be +/-5% out, I believe.

  20. I actually just listened to that grog podcast on these. For most it'll be off 3-6%, but then for 10% of folk using them it's off by 10% or more.

  21. Yeah, Trexler said he tells his clients to not bother with them because at best it'll tell them what they already know.

  22. I'm gonna just buy a million pairs of virus shorts abs put my logo on them lol

  23. Thank you! If you are referring to a specific one can you link it?

  24. To be honest it's hard to judge without a video to see if it was a technical miss or a strength miss. Like maybe you just lost tightness from the brian panicking over a heavy weight it's not used to. Misses halfway up tend to be from elbows flaring early then triceps not being in position to take over, at least when it's not just a strength issue. Could also be leg drive miss-timing; I've missed 200kg+ in training but then come back the same session with keeping everything tighter.

  25. Provided it's a weight you can handle with ease and you're actively expecting it so you can properly move with the bar, then there's not likely to be any harm.

  26. Maybe this is a dumb question but what do fun days look like lol

  27. That varies, can be just messing around on some equipment I've never used before, trying for some sort of PR (i.e. time PR on sled drags at X weight), sometimes it's even just some sort of LISS cardio.

  28. Is there ever any benefits to training 6x a week?

  29. I like to do 6 days when I'm feeling good, but two of those days are conditioning/GPP work or strongman/fun days.

  30. I'd be more entertained if you setup a bell that you'd hit with the barbell each time you complete a rep!

  31. Ok. Was just wondering that it isn’t spoken of

  32. I think the meta on stretching has gone around a few times. It's not something to write off as useless or harmful like some will say but it's also not going to be an enormous benefit unless you're already pretty immobile.

  33. This is a serious rabbit hole. Appreciate posting this, I was not aware!

  34. Are you lacking mobility in your workout or daily life? Then stretch. If not, do whatever you want.

  35. Elite lifters say they threat every set even empty barbell as it was their max, but on reddit you can't work on form with light weights.

  36. If the weight is too light then it's very easy to build bad habits, and it's also not going to be a good representation of where the lifter needs help or adjustments.

  37. Don’t use clamps without a spotter so then if you’re hitting a PR and you can’t get the bar up, you can just tilt the bar one way, and then the plates will fall off

  38. Without clips on if one arm lags behind, you're gonna have a bad time.

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