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‘We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before:’ Black Hole Spews Out Material Years After Shredding Star

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  1. Oh yes! For sure! Terrific colour and a perfect tit, i mean fit... I mean fit !

  2. Meanwhile Ye, with a new face following his cosmetic surgery, walking down the road, doing God's work! 😂😂

  3. This is my thought exactly, once they've broken the seal, it will be much easier to go back again and again.

  4. Maybe they did that on the way back who knows or on reaching home? Initial awkwardness gone, maybe she took her brother's seed few more times that night?

  5. Talented, I'm guessing with the size of that band her cut must not be fantastic. Someone pick her up.

  6. She's not part of this band. She has been invited by composer AR Rahman to play in this gig with Berkelee ensemble. She's a very successful solo musician touring the world over by her own accompanists, I provided her page link above.

  7. She's Mohini Dey, a world famous Bengali bass guitarist from India. She's a musical prodigy, having learnt from her dad starting at the age of 3. In this particular video she's playing along with the great AR rehman's concert with the Berkelee ensemble. Incidentally her sister Esani Dey is also an excellent guitarist, in her own right.

  8. 😍, gorgeous female. Feeling like bending down to squeeze those lovely tits and nip firmly as she sucks me!

  9. How come the post provided link is not opening? Is it broken? Or is this a server down issue? Can anyone kindly provide a working link where the cfa harvard link actually works/opens?

  10. Seems like a good Christian woman, raised well, who understands that her primary role as an dutiful, ovulating female in this society is to submit her attractive, breedable body and to lend her fertile womb to receive seeds from as many men, as she can, who desire to breed her.

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