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  1. Not trying to offend anyone here, but i don't think the OP or some of the replies to this actually understand what the LBRP does and what its for. The LBRP doesn't "summon" any spirits, it doesn't even banish spirits (despite what the name implies), its a very basic "internal" ritual practice, designed to clear your OWN negative energies in preparation for other rituals, the same is true for its "cousin" the BRH (or lesser ritual of the Hexagram). You usually need to learn both if you join a mystery school (Ordo Templi Orientis for an example), so you can undergo more advanced forms of ritual magick that DO work with invoking spirits/Intelligences, but on its own the LBRP cannot possibly cause such things lol.

  2. Seems like your house could use some cleansing. The LBRP is disruptive to certain spirits.

  3. I went through something similar and what helps me if dissecting my fear through (an attempt at) logic. "Oh God, my intrusive thoughts are going to manifest into reality" is an understandable fear when one believes in thoughts influencing reality. But think about it, attempting to manifest anything with thoughts alone takes dedicated, focused, whole-hearted effort. A fleeting thought, no matter how common, isn't going to pack the "oomph" needed to change anything. Even methods not focused on focus, like the use of the sub conscious via chaos magic's sigil casting technique, still requires the magician to not dwell on the thought and put it out of the conscious mind entirely, something an intrusive thought does not do.

  4. I chant the name of Michael and visualise him vanquishing everything that bothers my mind

  5. Thanks for sharing, didn't consider working with angels in this way :)

  6. definitely the atheism phase in tandem with the a horror obsession, whilst also being a belieber

  7. When you say “thing” do you mean a function of the universe you believe in but they don’t, like a particular deity or spiritual mechanism like astrology, or do you mean your outlook on life such as your optimism or attitude?

  8. I wash my hands, put my stuff away and usually make food or shower after that. Definitely change clothes too

  9. None out of the blue but I posted to freecompliments once and got 30 before I deleted the post lol

  10. I've rinsed off a sauce I didn't like from a pasta and bean dish and then added a new sauce. Really was trying not to waist the food xD

  11. Now I feel dumb. I once made some terrible pasta sauce and instead of rinsing it off (I didn't know that was an option! 🤣) I just ate it and suffered quietly. It was awful!

  12. It was a shadowy government agency hiding under the Department Of Energy

  13. I've gotten back into art by doing it for the fun of it and not for making it a master piece!

  14. Anyone can wear lip makeup. You seem to be doing the experimentation, but have you done any prep? Yes some products look better on different types of lips, but if you've tried a bunch and nothing work it seems to be a prep issue more than anything...

  15. Well for the smudged issue, are you using a lip liner? For the cracked issue, did you put a moisturizing lip balm/mask first, left it on for 15ish minutes then wiped it off for lipstick application? Are you only using cream and gloss types or also liquid lipstick? What brands are you using? Out of place sounds like a color issue, have you tried both warm, cool tones and variations?

  16. Bless yah, thanks for all this. I like the wiping off the lip balm idea! That is why I've probably had smudging because I'd put it straight over.

  17. I don't have any advice to help but I've been experiencing long periods for about a year now. They can last up to 7 days and the cramps are very painful. I feel like when it happens I don't know what to do! Saving up to see a naturopath

  18. I love Damien, however I've found he explains the effects of the practice more so than how it actually works (same with most people). I'm interested in how doing those certain things creates a space to do magick in, how it strengthens your aura etc

  19. I've been practicing LBRP from the guided lesson on youtube by Damien Echols (linked here)

  20. Honestly anything, being 5’1 and petite. I’ve just learnt that it probably will be too big 😂

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