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  1. Is not uncommon to experience nature reacting for some reason during the ritual and after it. When I first started, I performed the ritual outside in nature. I had crows flying around, I was uneasy thinking that it was a negative thing but in Native lore crows represent wisdom among others. Even the sun reacts, or you may feel a presence walking around you or behind you, you hear the steps but you do not see the person. Things happen when you start doing the ritual. I had an experience were a black pentagram showed up before me and it was standing in the air and not falling. It can also make you feel angry, that may signify that is purging you/ cleaning house but not sure, could be many things. You may want to record in a journal, the experiences that you have and even the dreams, everything that may be unusual.

  2. You haven't watered it since repotting into "dry dirt from the garden"? Lavender plants do much better if planted in soil - not garden soil in a container. You still have the problem of inadequate drainage and soil not drying out quickly. Where lavender is native, the soils are very sandy; however, it still needs water after repotting, just not a thorough drenching. If you intend to keep it in a container, use cactus/succulent mix, not dirt from the yard. Unfortunately, the only way to know its fate is to slide it out of the container and examine the roots. If they are soft or mushy, they are rotten. If enough good roots remain to try again, prune out the rotten roots and use the suggested mix for repotting. Cut off the flowers and any flower buds; they add to plant stress right now.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to write this up! Very informative 🙌 I will have a look at the roots, fingers crossed!

  4. Tik tok is a toxic echo chamber, go read some books and find connection in real life ✨🙏

  5. I remember an ‘A current affairs’ segments years back about Jeeps exploding randomly 😅

  6. Lived out of home since 18 with little to no support from parents 🤟 learned how to adult and healed my depression along the way. Feel like that’s made me strong and independent 🌼

  7. I've gone to a hypnosis to rewire parts of myself. I used to get anxiety attacks every other week. She helped me with that. 1.5 years on I've only had 3 since and they were waay less severe.

  8. Do you need to have multiple sessions? is it like going to a therapist?

  9. I had two. The hypnotist will let you know how many sessions you need but once you’re don’t you’re kind of done 😊

  10. Like, you're cycling through different things because of being able to comprehend them and they make sense, then that feels like it changes who you are?

  11. The most humas are just not ready, like the person before me said. I'm maybe at the same part of life. Its like an grandpa telling babys about how the world is running and they went mad. Greetings from germany, we are never alone we just can feel like it

  12. I do actually eat! I’m 2 years into recovering from an ED and the progress has been slow… I’m still thin to the point it looks like I don’t eat when that’s quite the opposite of the reality.

  13. Blue lily or also know as blue lotus... it's a dream plant. You can buy it off the internet. It is legal and you either drink as tea or smoke it

  14. It’s usually a good idea not to read too into synchronicities! I just use them as a sign to say I’m where I’m meant to be or on the right path!

  15. Seriously, read this whilst in bed experiencing self-pity and it got me up ✌️

  16. I’ve heard that chocolate before bed gives you nightmares.

  17. Yes! Sugar gives me freaky dreams and I almost always wake up with a headache. However when I have carbs right before bed, Pizza, Bread, Crackers, I have really nice and memorable dreams.

  18. I’m glad it’s not just me! Must be the way the body processes certain foods.. I wonder

  19. I think Si is more intuitive than Sie, I would want to pronounce that like Die or Pie.

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