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The state my ex left my house in after I went away for a week

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European who is visiting LA and USA for the first time... I'm shocked and I really need to vent.

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  1. If u feel confident enough and think u can rock it go ahead I’m jealous lmao

  2. Accidentally Pushed by someone and spilled our drinks on the ppl in front of us, got into a fight w the ppl that we spilled on and security had to escort us out. Was superrrrrrr drunk

  3. I’d literally pull some shit up from partner hub and have them read it n say we aren’t providing a consistent experience between stores wtf

  4. No no nononononono. WE DO NOT HAVE TO FIND COVERAGE IF WE ARE SICK/EMERGENCY/ ECT. Sorry I'm not yelling at you lol I just hate that managers try to do this to people KNOWING it is wrong. They are the ones who need to deal with last minute coverage. It's their problem enough people aren't scheduled so if ONE person calls out everything goes to shit.

  5. Im on my asm journey and I feel like I’m strict and but fair but this store I’m at rn is so used to the “friend” manager that some baristas don’t like that I enforce rules and standards and think I’m “mean” but the majority are nice and praise me for getting stuff done. Idk sometime I lose faith and think I should just do the shitty friend approach but posts like this remind me I’m doing good and it’s a job, not a playground

  6. I think it’s the aesthetic that is what’s cool. And the fireside lounge

  7. Lolol one time a guy got his drink and then a few moments later, he asked me (on bar) "can i get a sugar?" So i grab a sugar packet and come to him and hand it out to him and he says "no i want the brown raw sugar" so i went to grab one of those and try to give it to him. Then he said "can i get 4 of them?" ...😑

  8. Low key the romper is too short but he shouldn’t have said it like that

  9. I think randonautica is proof we will always find what we’re looking for

  10. I wanna say a Dave the barbarian character from Disney channel but idk

  11. Me!!!! I’m a poor barista who could really use something to practice on 🥲

  12. Ive never been to a single “downtown” in California that is not full of homeless people and shockingly expensive cars and luxury apartments

  13. I know it’s like sad and concerning but i could not stop laughing at the end

  14. If I can’t eat anything healthy, I won’t eat. I can wait till I’m home, or can get soemthing good for me. Being hungry for a little won’t kill me. Sometimes I get some iced coffee or tea and watch YouTube videos or scroll through Reddit.

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