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  1. Yeah I’d definitely go Davis if you need complete upside. He can go 2/120/2td

  2. Jameson Williams for the upside. Unless Foreman is out of course

  3. Drop both and add Burks and Warren/Snell

  4. I'd go Pierce even after the bad game last week. MIA is a good def but not as good of a d line as WAS, and Pierce has produced in every other game since week 1. Gus is too hard to trust coming off an injury.

  5. Foreman and Conner. Russel Wilson scares me and that Denver offense is DEAD LAST

  6. I’m a little worried about game script for foreman. Last time the opponent was up, he wasn’t as involved

  7. I'm with you. I am deciding between foreman, BRob, and Toney in my flex and leaning Brob or Toney. As for Foreman he showed us he can get 100+ yards against good defenses (did it against TB). Also, I don't like Baker coming back and trying to sling the ball all over the field. You could make an argument for Sutton over foreman if Judy is officially out and the LV matchup but i simply do not like or trust Wilson against anyone at this point.

  8. I would probably take toney and brob this week as well! Don’t like the broncos defense either but the soft matchup with jeudy out is a tiny bit tempting..tough decision! I agree that baker starting makes it a little bit of a wildcard as well

  9. I'd sit Foreman, it's gonna be a tough time against the Ravens and he doesn't catch many passes so he could be game scripted out. Conner has a rough matchup also but his role is secure.

  10. Yea, he was phased out of the bengals game which makes me a little worried

  11. Not as much as I’m worried about Sutton depending on Russell Wilson

  12. Well I have to pick 2 out of the 3. Palmer was a lock, but the 3rd is between Sutton and Gabe. Still leaning Sutton I think he gets right out of the bye.

  13. I’m a little nervous about starting Davis over Sutton as well if Allen isn’t in full health

  14. Sauce isn’t going to lineup across from Sutton on every play, and even if he does, the Jets play a lot of zone so the lack of man-to-man concept allows for Sutton to still be productive. I’d think Jerry Jeudy is more affected by these zone looks than Sutton who has been a short area target throughout the season.

  15. I would go Sutton. Robinson and Pierce still relatively unknown quantities. Sutton WR1, even with QB2 throwing to him, is best bet with highest floor.

  16. I think Lazard had him and got almost 16 points last week. Tyreek the week before got 10. So tough matchup but by no means impossible. While Pierce and Wandale have pretty low floors, relatively unknown quantities until they stack a few good weeks in a row.

  17. Sutton and doubs are going and depending on batemans status choose between duvernay and gallup

  18. Sutton or wandale, sutton safer option

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