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  1. You don't remember what your hair looked like as a child? I'm sorry but I get seriously confused by these "I didn't know I had curly hair" posts.

  2. I had poker straight hair when I was in elementary school, with one side that flipped up. My hair started going curly after I hit puberty. Not everyone has one texture of hair their entire lives

  3. I teach teenagers and find graphic novels are best for people who don't like to read due to attention and focus issues. I suggest the Sandman series by Gaiman... American Gods is one of my all time favorite books and main character is just released from prison.

  4. American Gods is great. I was introduced to it by my bf who has ADHD, so I think it would be a good pick!

  5. Tuf Voyaging by George R. R. Martin

  6. They are pretty easy. Put the pit in wet paper towels inside a zip lock bag. Check after a few weeks.

  7. This is the answer. I tried the toothpick method and just planting the seeds for like 5 years with no success, got a sprouted seed the first time trying the ziplock method

  8. {{Even Cowgirls Get The Blues}} by Tom Robbins. Many odd relationships and plenty of smut

  9. Is this new? How is this different from current tech? I just bought a new sliding door for my house and it comes with a coating that reduces heat…

  10. The glass in your new sliding door will have a LoE coating on it. LoE coatings are the current tech and work well to block the heat but they also block some light. For example, a pretty standard coating for a dual glazed window with 2 coatings will let around 14% of UV rays through, and 70% of light. These values can vary a lot, but that's pretty standard.

  11. When I was talking about adding protein, I meant a dish like vegetable Hakka noodles - it's my fave food probably but it's all carbs and vegetables so I want to add protein in so I don't feel hungry quickly. But tofu doesn't feel right. I agree that I should be more creative with protein options! I guess I just wanted to do it the easy way and try meat substitutes but I think they're better suited for people who actually grew up eating meat, since the texture is something I'm unfamiliar with.

  12. A serving of hakka noodles has around 11g of protein in just the noodles. Add a half a cup of green peas, that's another 5g of protein. Add a half a cup of crispy roasted chick peas to the top for some crunch, thats another 20g of protein! So just those 3 ingredients is around 36g of protein. Not traditional hakka, but you can adjust and with a good sauce, it'll taste great! As someone who grew up on meat, meat substitutes are...okay. Not really that flavourful. They are typically not really that good for you also. Beans, cheese, peas, and even wheat products have a decent amount of protein in them

  13. I was told "it will look better when you go home and style it yourself"....

  14. For my hair routine I used Kristen Ess ultra hydrating curl leave in cream and Moroccanoil curl defining cream while my hair was soaking wet. I squished the extra water out of my hair and added Moroccanoil blow dry concentrate and not your mothers frizz controll sculpting gel. I diffused my hair. When dry I added some Moroccan oil to finish off.

  15. Get a Denman brush (or similar) and after adding all your products, section your hair into 3-6 sections. Starting with the bottom sections, brush from underneath and ourwards, from the scalp out to the tips (you want to lift the root). You want the hair to be tight when doing this. Let your hair down softly (as in don't just let it drop down hard from the brush), and at this point the hair will look a bit straight, this is what you want. Move onto the next section. By the time you're done with the upper sections, the lower sections will have curled up. You can add a bit of gel to the ends and scrunch again before diffusing if they seem like they need it, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't, and then diffuse. This method smooths and clumps the curls and definitely changed my curl definition game. Good luck!

  16. I'd think you could sand a standard glossy finish or glossy clear. I'd try it with a sample first.

  17. Thanks for the reply! I have been reading that a light sanding with steel wool and then a cover coat of satin varnish might work, but your right, a sample test first is a must!

  18. Jacket is great. Boots are great. Pants are a little too clean, or new looking. Maybe a patch or two on one knee, or make them more thread bare on the bottom would rough it up more

  19. Yea! Good way to honour such a treasure, I think

  20. Ooo, I still have the school house and the little heart one. Nice find!

  21. Anything by Robert Munsch! I'm surprised to not see him mentioned here already, but maybe it's more of a Canadian thing?

  22. Thank you, I will have a look and see if I can find some of not I will order some.

  23. You're getting a lot of good advice here with the curl cream and gel recommendations. It's worth it to note too that if you do use gel, once it dries it will feel a bit cruncy, this is the cast that holds your curl shape and is a good thing. Gently scrunch out the crunch. If you have a hair oil, use a bit on your hands when you scrunch and it can help lock in the moisture and hold your style

  24. I never knew it was called this. I’ve always heard of this exact recipe as “lazy woman’s chocolate cake.” I make it quite often and my mom made it a lot when I was a kid. It’s great bc you can eat the batter and not be afraid of getting salmonella.

  25. You can get salmonella and e.coli from raw flour, fyi. Should probably still avoid the raw dough

  26. thank you!! i thought it looked better in the first one but idk ahahah, just seems like the gel let go a lot, but maybe it’s okay. y’all are making me feel better about it so thank you all

  27. My jaw actually dropped when I switched to the second photo. Your hair is stunning!

  28. I see a seal poking it’s head out of water…

  29. I was gonna say a polar bear, but same idea!

  30. Aussie or Live Clean are both curly approved, cruelty free, and sold at Walmart. Post this in

  31. I was also curious what the plant was, so thank you!

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