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  1. Why do you ask us to be colorful? We all know the only color you like is white.

  2. The number of guns this man owns and the number of women he's sexually assaulted get the same response.

  3. You look like this guy I know named Kayne. He got arrested for getting his sister pregnant. You must love your family.

  4. I think I’ve seen that exact argument before by politicians lol

  5. Yes it’s possible. Though I’m in the mindset of gun laws do not prevent a vast majority of gun crime. Someone who is going to commit murder does not give a flying fuck about also breaking a gun law. Sure accessibility is decreased with gun control, BUT you can still get the guns if you really want. I for one, do enjoy my guns, I carry them daily.

  6. 17yo drinking with gfs family. In a drive way on concrete, with my GFs aunt, got caught by my GF. Super drunk didn’t really remember right away, slowly started remembering. Her aunt ended up getting caught drugging someone at a bar. Pretty sure I got roofied.

  7. Well I was gonna say something, but then I finished reading the title...

  8. It's a shame I'm limited to one crime, really. I'd be happy to do most of the crimes just so nobody else will ever have the priv- erhm, I mean, so that nobody else will be able to.

  9. Honestly, when we were telling the family we were getting married in 5 days in Vegas. That or the birth of our 2 kids.

  10. Such a great picture from a beautiful brown slut

  11. Thank you! I’m really nervous, but my husband and I were both easy going babies and children so let’s hope she is too 🤞🏼

  12. Thank you! But oh no lol I mean that it was our gender reveal, and it was a girl! I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant with our first baby!

  13. Even bigger congrats!! Children are a blessing! And so much damn work!😂

  14. The only dms I get are ads for startup companies or dumbasses who are disgusted by the fact that a bi girl exists on the internet.

  15. I for one, have the opposite thought of bi women on the internet.

  16. It won’t. As an American who carries a gun everyday, it’ll never end.

  17. Trump. Biden can’t even ride a bike, he definitely can’t ride this dick.

  18. I doubt that. People will always find something to feel superior about

  19. Just because people forget it doesn't mean they can't relearn it

  20. Doesn’t negate my answer. You found the flaw in the original question, not my flaw in my answer

  21. Should be legalized tbh. No woman (or man) should have to go to prison for that.

  22. Find a new boyfriend, may I suggest trying sex clubs instead of a bar.

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