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  1. assuming you've looked up what histrionic means, your multiple posts and the way you word things don't feel genuine rather it's presented in a way to increase positive feedback

  2. That's if you're ok with being single in the first place

  3. Relationships are all about bothering a person and being bothered by that person

  4. Do you think this is the best choice? Idk it feels wrong

  5. i dont knowww but im scared i'll make her life as bad as mine

  6. Yeah lmao I feel the same. Idk I think you can ask what she thinks about you venting to her and things like that.

  7. No he really was xD just needed some yoghurt and he was as brave as always

  8. Lol if that's all it took, I gotta eat some yogurt rn

  9. probably not at low altitude also that's not the point

  10. Good luck. I hope they are accepting. Also what’s a hole date?

  11. Hahaha a swimming hole! There’s waterfalls and stuff at the end of the hike so it will end in swimming ✨

  12. Lmao I didn’t see that 🤡. It actually sounds like a good date idea, have fun!

  13. I always say it's too wet. Idk if it would work for you tho

  14. Yeah apparently it's a common industry thing to do but people are pushing for them to stop due to the risk of blood born disease

  15. Wtf I thought it was about throwing others not actually yeeting 🗿

  16. Was it high pressure and pulsing? That might have been an arteriole or an artery. If the bleeding has stopped completely it's not necessary to go to a hospital just take extra care cleaning, swapping bandages and please try not to go as deep. You should watch out for it but it's only a problem if you go deep. As a general rule if the bleeding doesn't stop after 15min or something is infected you should go to a hospital

  17. You might have gotten unlucky. The way you're describing It it sounds like an artery. You'll be fine just take care

  18. I sure do love parents when they think they're protecting you when they're taking away your only hopes in life 🗿

  19. You should probably go to a hospital that does not sound good at all

  20. It's probably blood serum it should be fine

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