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  1. Depends on if you got any gear since the xpac. They did stat squishing and I noticed a lot of my older chars ilvl dropped way down so any of them around lvl 50 were wearing gear that you can get around lvl 25.

  2. What is a good item level at 60? My average item level is 162, which I am guessing is low now.

  3. To be fair, I wasn't exactly trying to be polite. My husband told my family that it isn't safe to eat and they responded, "well then don't eat it" and kept eating it. (It was gifted to them and they took it home with them afterwards...) Even after we gave data. Of course my husband had a bite before I told him there was no way that was safe, but thankfully just one bite...I have an unreasonable fear of botulism so having something in my house that I know is actually unsafe is like my worst nightmare...I just hope they didn't get it on their fingers and spread it all over the house...

  4. I struggle with dungeons too, mostly because it's so rushed. I like to enjoy playing and rest every now and then, especially if I've never done that dungeon before, but there's usually no time to think or even process a new dungeon. I'm usually a healer, but will almost bnever heal with people I don't know.

  5. Make sure they don’t cook the egg or toppings in butter or add cream to the egg for the omelet.

  6. I plan to avoid the omelette all together for that purpose. Seems like omelette bars always have a long line, so I don't want to make others wait for a dairy free one. Plus who knows how well cheese is cleaned from the pan...

  7. Can I offer a seemingly unpopular opinion? Sometimes people say things they don't mean. Or things they maybe do mean, but know they should keep to themselves. Even about people they care about. I mean, we're not going to love everything about everyone and sometimes we have bad days and say things we shouldn't.

  8. I love when crochet clothes look like you could have bought them from the store. Looks great!

  9. ...Just found a work around as soon as I asked... if anyone is curious:

  10. Normal, but you can ALWAYS call the doctor/facility to ask about anything that makes you uncomfortable. They are very used to questions like that post procedure I'm sure and won't think it's weird for you to call and ask.

  11. Our dog had seasonal allergy welts and our vet gave him an allergy shot that seemed to work all season.

  12. I've been putting a small amount of olive oil with salt and parsley on my pasta and it's good.

  13. This. Homemade buttercream is so easy and tastes way better than store bought.

  14. I've had two and just a sore throat each time for about a day.

  15. I've not tried it, bit I saw yesterday that Papa Murphy's sells dairy free pizza using Violife cheese.

  16. Gerd sufferer and medical student here. I hope I can provide a little bit of insight on why she may have gone straight for treatment. Just to state that I am a student and this is not medical advise, purely my interpretation/ understanding

  17. Thanks. That's kind of what I figured, but I had not been tested for Hpylori. I guess that's the part I was confused about reading here. Sounds like that's something they'd test for if the PPI didn't work, now I just have to wait for my insurance to approve it πŸ™„. Helpful insight, thanks!

  18. I feel like my endoscopy was normal except for a hiatal hernia, but reflux was apparent on my swallow study, but it's been so long since those tests were done that I can't really remember.

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