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  1. Yes, I 100% agree the gender wars is merely the symptom of a deeper issue. I'm an American, so I at least can talk about what's going on here, I don't wanna speak for other countries.

  2. while i see what you’re saying, it’s not just a class struggle, it’s still also a gender struggle. this was pretty much proven when we saw what britney spears, a white, rich, famous, successful woman, has been put through.

  3. Took us 10 years from "men have it easy" to ÿeah men have it hard to but women have it harder!"

  4. yeah they both have it hard in their own way but it’s proven time and time again that women have it objectively worse. i’m not sure what to tell you. this is a topic that’s been studied for literal centuries in all sorts of disciplines, all over the world, it’s agreed that men are privileged by educated people.

  5. People are potential partners though? How does viewing someone as a potential partner dehumanize them or objectify them?

  6. yeah so then this doesn’t apply to you. the issue here is when men are seeing women having only value as potential partners. not just talking to girls to see what else they can offer, like a friendship, a helpful coworker, a classmate to share thoughts with, an acquaintance, someone to play games with, someone to learn something from, basically the wealth of resources women have that are not related to something sexual.

  7. yuppp. as a girl i’m always sus when guys try and be friends with me bc they normally just wanna date me. when i reject them, they just drop off. total waste of my time, and ultimately, a lost opportunity on what might’ve been a fulfilling friendship. it’s insulting because it mean they just were never genuinely interested in me as a person.

  8. there’s a lot of reasons for this, not just adhd. for one thing, feeling more productive at night can have a lot to do with hormone and neurochemical levels throughout the day.

  9. it would not be weird if you showed this post in therapy to start at all! i think a good therapist would even love that you're opening up to them from the start, and that you have all your thoughts in a nice neat post.

  10. no worries, you aren't arguing too much. i think you have pretty legitimate concerns, and maybe you are just good at being critical too. i actually do this same thing, moreso when i was more depressed.

  11. bruhhh how are you supposed to know if someone will be worth hooking up with until you hook up with them?? 😭😭 am i supposed to give a female anatomical exam? they should know this already!

  12. yup it definitely works for me and it does last. i'm curious about the ones saying it doesn't last bc it's meant to increase those neurochemicals over time to release and stay in the brain for it to use.

  13. Currently me right now. I just started extended release 2000mg/day. I might cut down to 1000mg/day because while I take it with dinner, I feel super nauseous starting a couple hours later and through the next day. I eat some carbs but taper closer to a mediterranean diet than not most days and it’s brutal. Usually carbs help against nausea but it isn’t for this 😭 only lying down and mints seem to help.

  14. same!! i took a break this week bc it was too much and i couldn’t afford the extreme nausea. and yea carbs do help. im confused at what’s going on here then. if carbs help, is it hypoglycemia?

  15. I have no idea. I know normally when I’m nauseous crackers help. Right now it makes it worse which really sucks.

  16. so sorry about this, nausea is not fun. try honey ginger tea, esp with spearmint. this helps me temporarily. the honey should give you a little blood sugar boost, ginger and mint always help with nausea, and you don’t have to be ingesting any food. i have a big pitcher of this so i can have it at hand.

  17. Like do y’all not remember the stories of white women accusing men of raping them or doing something to them and people believing them, arresting the accused for life or years, only to find out later that they lied? There’s always the chance that the story is not the whole truth. It’s hard to not be biased when you’re choosing to stoop down to the perpetrators level and do the same thing you accuse them of. The main study of any experiment is to literally eliminate bias, otherwise it isn’t credible. So it doesn’t make sense to me how she’s made a thesis on this when it’s not just “factual” but it’s also aggressively written to degrade them (sure, the people who did something definitely deserve it, but not the others who are probably dealing with this drama in their own lives now and didn’t do anything in this situation ) . It shows she’s not over it and understandably so, I wouldn’t be either, but is that the whole truth then or is it something else? Doesn’t everyone deserve at least one chance to explain themselves before making such a conclusive decision on what happened, when we aren’t personally involved in the situation in the first place?

  18. given that less than 2% of sexual assault claims are false, and that 3/4 students have experienced sexual assault after being told the definition of it, yea i believe the accusation just based on statistics alone. i’m a facts person

  19. 71d1 says:

    The 75% you're referring to was based on survey questions like "Have you any point felt uncomfortable around someone?" That's not sexual assault! It was clearly devised and made by an organization to twist facts and gain funding.

  20. i don’t have advice but i just wanna say i’m sorry that happened, that’s such a nerve wracking experience and i hope this doesn’t end as bad as you think it will

  21. why do people care about her jokes about how many of them made her orgasm? isn't it a known fact that cis het men both anecdotally and statistically do not know how to make women orgasm, do not even understand basic women's anatomy? i've heard a hundred times that guys act like they're so good at sex and then have such terrible game lmao, i think these people are just being sensitive and can't face the literal facts bc this has been proven and cited over and over if you read anything on women's sexual health.

  22. the facts are kind of blurry in my head but he’s test subject 1 and he’s saying that she is lying right? but does this say anything abt the other test subjects or no?

  23. i agree with everything you're saying. i'm not assuming rational logic works with them but unfortunately, people who are normally rational and wouldn't rape someone, still excuse the rapists, assume victims are making it up, etc.

  24. And yes this is a half cope post because I’m genuinely tired of people replying to my stuff talking about their husbands!!! I didn’t ask! I don’t care

  25. it’s giving “there’s some good men out there” vibes. okay, but most treat us like shit and even more like shit if we are overweight, hairy, balding, etc.

  26. I swear I had a woman comment about how “there are good men out there” then proceed to talk about how her husband calls her beautiful every day under a post where I was talking about how I felt ugly and how no men love me, left me in shambles for a week

  27. man i don’t get the point of that. i’ve had an actual therapist tell me “there are some good men out there >:| “ like ok so? most of them treat us like garbage still

  28. you can get wax or make your own sugar wax for pretty cheap. you’d invest in the wax melter if ur buying and from then on you’re just purchasing wax. i feel places like european wax center overcharge way too much. but also the labor of waxing kind of makes sense, still i doubt they pay enough for how much they’re charging.

  29. Thank you so much for your advice. I’ve had a bikini wax before and it hurt like hell but i do agree it ends up being the best way!

  30. it’s insanely painful 😭😭 if you get it done regularly, like when the hair isn’t too long, and it’s all evenly grown out i’d say it hurts at least a third less. and then time it with your cycle and all, take some pain meds and also find a waxer who does it well (some just pull the hair and it hurts so much) it’s worth it!!

  31. Idk it kinda smells the same and tastes roughly the same to me (convert) although, pork is the most disgusting, unhealthy fatty thing I can think of now and I cannot believe I ate it, watching them live is some of the most vomit inducing stuff I’ve ever seen they are so dirty man

  32. yeahh they are dirty animals. where i live there’s a pretty significant difference actually. i know muslims who eat non halal but make a point to get halal meat bc the non halal stinks. i also know someone who brought it home by accident, thinking they grabbed the halal, and thought it must have been rotten, so it’s not even placebo

  33. Still report it, also report it to the OEA. Its better then not reporting it and letting them get away with it. If the police dont do anything push higher. Don't just give up just because one branch lacks consideration and empathy otherwise stuff like this will keep happening.

  34. i'm so sorry you experience this. it's even more frustrating bc i feel like they're just not gonna do anything about it. still say something, maybe since you know so many it's happened to, gather them together and say something, that's way more powerful and tougher to ignore.

  35. north reading room second floor esp is quieter, central is for socializing/group work, the stacks are truly quiet. engineering library is quiet. humanities atrium is nice and quiet. upper floors of p much any building will be quiet. i think they have noise level zones in the library now don’t they? there’s also cubicles, and you can reserve rooms.

  36. I can see why you interpret it that way, but lessons are not only learned from doing something bad and it being your fault. Sometimes you learn from best intentions or from other people. OP didn't choose self-interest, they say they chose to be miserable, so mom and bf can be happy. But mom is still not happy and is not grateful either. So even though it's not OP's fault and it's a very painful situation, there is still something to learn for next time a similar choice comes up.

  37. that’s fine and all but i’m pointing out the clear lack of compassion here. “well that’s what you get, now you know” is not constructive by any means. not even an “i’m sorry for what happened.”

  38. i feel you. i wasn’t allowed to exercise or was shamed for exercising (?) so i never developed being fit when i expressed an interest in it. i’ve been sedentary my entire life bc i was not allowed to move too much. but i don’t even want to exercise anymore actually, i feel like that interest among others was killed immediately and i can’t bring it back.

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