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My name is Tigger. I'm 16, blind, and diabetic. Tigger pretty much runs the show around our house. He gets his insulin twice a day and we are careful not to move the furniture around. He's memorized where everything is and is a very happy cat.

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  1. i also have issues with my height. i‘m around 163cm and i feel at least 10cm taller. my mom is much shorter than me and since she is the only person i see all day, i often compare myself to her. my height definitely triggers my bdd, i feel like a deformed giant.

  2. um no?? this game is getting more and more confusing >.<

  3. school & helping my best friend with his drug addiction

  4. restriction insomnia is the worst :( i got only 3 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours, my body is so tired but i still don‘t feel sleepy, it’s frustrating

  5. being nervous and shy all the time, my family hates it so much

  6. agoraphobia by deerhunter, it reminds me of my teenage years :)

  7. it doesn‘t get better, at least not for me. being emotionless and cold, existing like a lifeless machine, that still has some tasks to finish, helps me to cope with my current situation.. idk what will happen, once i reach my stupid goals lol, i honestly can‘t see a future for myself.

  8. ahah i started watching this show again, it’s so addictive :(

  9. it definitely helped me. every time my cat wants to cuddle, play or just some attention, i am reminded that he needs me, i am reminded that i’m not useless and that he would be very confused and maybe even sad, if i was gone. cats are super fun and cute creatures, they really take away the boredom and pain of life :3

  10. i once overheard my neighbors talking about me (outside our door) and it was super humiliating and hurtful. i never wanted to be seen as the outsider, who has lost her mind, but that‘s exactly how people see me.

  11. i had the same feelings when i became a hikikomori (that was around 5 years ago) such as guilt, shame, but also comfort in knowing that nothing and nobody can hurt me anymore. as you said, being just an npc in a world, where everyone tries to be the main character, was comforting. now i‘m just grieving for my lost youth, for opportunities, friendships and relationships that never came to fruition. the realization that i was just running away from my responsibilities, running from life itself, is really hard for me to bear.

  12. Thank you very much for your kind message. I was really, really happy to read your comment and it provided me a lot of reassurance in seeing a direct response to my circumstance and knowing that others share the same feelings. I never knew I would feel so much relief and joy, albeit for our sad situation.

  13. aw, i’m glad i could help you!! being optimistic and staying focused on your dreams is so important & you seem to have the right mindset already :3 overcoming obstacles in our lives may not be easy, it’s probably even the scariest thing for people like us, but it will be so worth it in the end. there are so many beautiful things in life, that we all deserve to experience, i truly believe in that. <3

  14. i’m gonna kill you(dad), whore(dad), i regret giving birth to you(mom), you’re just like your father(mom) and things like that lol

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