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  1. "I just saw someone drive onto x road license plate xyz and they were absolutely drinking in the car with a child, I saw an open container. Yes I want to report this anonymously"

  2. Yep. I'm part of a long-term throuple and I don't bother with basically any of this jargon-laden amateur "literature." These weird quizzes are just purity-testing how closely you're adhering to a random primarily-online subculture. I'm sure that one could strip away the jargon and make them into reasonable, normal questions... but if the point of the hyperspecialized wording is for a potential partner to 'make sure I'm going about it right', I have no interest.

  3. These are all extremely relevant and reasonable questions to have.

  4. The conversations are definitely reasonable. Expecting people to do homework so they can know specific terminology about their relationship? That's both unreasonable, and is it's own red flag. Someone hung up on terminology seems like they're less into the relationship for the people and more into it for the symbolism.

  5. If you don't know what a word means, you ask or you google it.

  6. That looks like it would be incredibly difficult to do anything with.

  7. With some many school shootings, you're going to end up with large variety of people doing it. Left, right, straight, trans, black, white, Mexican, Christian, muslin...

  8. Hours is typically not the problem. And guys who give you shit for not responding within hours are showing definite red flags.

  9. Same. Turn key is a phrase for something ready to drive/ready to go. There is even a linux distribution called Turnkey Linux. I've never heard it used to describe latchkey kids.

  10. Using Afrin I discovered the effect known as "rebound congestion". Use Afrin for 1-3 days and you get instant relief. Used it a 4th day and my whole head clogged up worse than day 1. Took a week to sort out. I keep a small spray bottle in my medicine cabinet but always eye it with suspicion.

  11. If you DO have to use afrin, remember to alternate nostril days. The rebound is localized.

  12. Just to be clear based on the replies here and I can't believe it needs to be said:

  13. So I uh... Noticed you really like those wraps...

  14. And boy do I have a sweet onion teriyaki deal for you...

  15. Wtf is even the point of having security if they can be paid off with a $7 food court meal?

  16. I didn't get all that free pizza from NOT being part of the family.

  17. thanks for linking those. everyone about to comment i recommend watching those before commenting. i stand by everything i said prior, what the female officer did was completely out of pocket

  18. I wish they subtitled the video. I turned my volume all the way up and STILL didn't hear a lot of what they were saying outside of the car.

  19. I like to call goals "in law polyamorous".

  20. Super speed man more like gluttony with no consequences man

  21. This is the answer. Never run further than a marathon, eat like a king, perfect 6 pack, millions of dollars from Olympic sponsorships.

  22. "Bold words for a man in jizzy-wizzy space." hits different.

  23. They're supposedly nailing him on misappropriation of campaign funds, because he literally confessed to it, which makes the job much easier.

  24. Another thread was talking about it being the Stormy Daniels case.

  25. if they get one side up so the wheels spin, even an awd car wont move because of how open diffs work.

  26. But it got better every time. Definitely wasn’t a guess

  27. This. Balancing is an iterative process, not estimated and guessed. Nothing you remove is perfectly geometrically balanced nor are the things you add. In this case, aerodynamic differences are also at play that could slightly change pitch and distribution.

  28. We will just wait till he's back over the water again and give him the old balloon treatment.

  29. It doesn't come straight out, it shoots upward at almost a 45-degree angle. It's not like you're flapblasting with ricochet here, gravity plays a role after hitting the bullseye straight on. You could also shift forward and rock back.

  30. The sensors are cameras stored in the cloud that definitely you are completely the only person with access to it. It’s a subscription based model though so if you don’t pay your monthly bill then the water shuts off on your bidet. The cameras keep rolling though we’re not really sure why.

  31. Go check your alleyways for Terminators. I think you just got one.

  32. A lot of people thought it was weird that I effectively created a crypt in my backyard after having to dig a hole to bury a cat. I knew it wouldn't be my last cat in my life and I did NOT want to have to dig a hole like that again, especially not in the middle of winter.

  33. I do this too on the freeway and I’ll drop down to like 40. I’ve had quite a few trucks honk at me, flash their lights at me or tailgate me but I won’t speed up and then they will angrily switch lanes and go in front of me. It’s hilarious to watch.

  34. Just move over and let them pass. If the lights are blinding you, you can't see the cars or trucks behind them trying to avoid the road hazard (you).

  35. And this is why you have things legal/illegal. Old nanna wouldn’t even have this options if illegal.

  36. Illegally installed HID kits on road retrofit to reflector headlights have been a problem for probably almost 2 decades, long before factory brights were overly problematic, and they were rarely if ever enforced against.

  37. I'm convinced no one handles PR better than Arnie. His response to that one person who threw an egg at him was amazing as well. It's like when someone shits on him, he smells better than before even. Legend.

  38. He really does. He's also got a reddit account and posts on here sometimes under

  39. Look at the elastic right above the blue pieces near the attachments. You can VERY clearly see obvious fraying on both sides.

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