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  1. If you will be cooking yourself, we forgot condiments and salt and pepper last year which was a dumb and miserable mistake.

  2. While they do have condiments and salt/pepper at the stores it’s about $15 for a small bottle of ketchup and $10 for salt/pepper

  3. I find younger generations are more into suicide boys. I got into them in 2015 when my ex’s son made me listen to them on the drive to his school every day. He was only 11 at the time. He’s about to turn 19 this year

  4. Thankfully the RV spot is pretty much one of the closest spots from the entrance with a pretty straight road. The gravel is bumpy but if you take your time you’ll be fine.

  5. Wait can kids these days get in trouble for having spray paint? It’s just an art medium? Would they get mad about you ordering normal paint too?

  6. My parents would be pissed. Luckily I get home before my mother so any packages that arrive for me i can get.

  7. Interesting. I grew up with my dad having random cans of spray paint in the garage so maybe that’s why they didn’t mind. I was always spray painting my bikes and skateboards different colors so maybe that’s why my parents never questioned me buying paint when I lived back home

  8. It's an open field across the street from the festival grounds. There is quiet camping which I believe is in a forest but I've never camped at LL. Regular camping is just fields and each car is given a spot that staff will guide you to.

  9. There’s glamping in a field, quiet camping is in a field (with lots of steep hills), GA is in a field also with steep hills, forest camping is in a more heavy Forrest area while tent only camping is in a more of a “man made” Forrest with more open space and a few tall trees here and there

  10. I buy in bulk and usually takes me 2-3 years to finish the supply I bought so yes they probably are still good

  11. Stub hub always keeps your money until a week or so after the event incase the event is cancled

  12. And is it like a typical concert ticket like an attached pdf file with a barcode?

  13. Depends. If you got normal GA it’s just a barcode that’s emailed to you. If you got GA+ or VIP it’s a wristband that’s sent to you

  14. There probably is a way to do it, although I’m not familiar with cash app taxes. Regardless, if the software you are using does not support the type of income you have, you need to use different tax software.

  15. Do you think I should be able to go into a tax office and ask them just to file my extra income because I “forgot to do so” or is it too late since my returns were already filed and accepted

  16. I deleted my Etsy half was thru 2022 so thankfull next year I won’t have to go thru this again haha

  17. Just keep in mind if you have multiple quantities of your item it’ll relist and charge that .20 every time you sell the item

  18. Always file and claim taxes. People think because one makes under $300, they dont need to file, but thats false.

  19. It’s definitely different per state I believe because last year I went to a tax pro in office place to do my taxes and they told me not to even worry about my Etsy earnings because 1. It was under $600 and 2. Because I didn’t receive a 1099 form(because I didn’t make enough)

  20. Every year I make around $100 on Etsy and I never claim it because it’s not greater than $600. It may be a state to state thing but I live in CT and we aren’t required to file any income under $600

  21. I know people are saying to do it anyway but in my state there’s not even an option for the tax website I use to put in income like that without a 1099. And since I only make under $120 on Etsy in a year I never get the 1099. Therefore it’s not even possible for me to file it. It may be different in your state I would definitely check with a tax pro. And before people attack me for not filing mine anyways. My tax pro was the one who told me that I wasn’t required to file anything under $600

  22. There is no part about the FBI calling you that is legit

  23. I’m gonna go and say that you had those effects because you took “a lot” of acid while you’re only 16 and it’s frying your brain. Gel tabs from my experience are much stronger than paper. To me 1 gel tab feels like 2.5 paper tabs and if you took 2 gel tabs you probably consumed a higher dose than you planned for. My advice is chill with the more serious drugs until you’re older and your brain is developed. My room mate has only taken acid once her whole life at the age of 17 (1.5tabs) and to this day she has hppd and she’s 26 now. I don’t think acid or shrooms is something to mess around with at that young of an age. You also put your parents at risk for getting charged with child neglect if you were caught tripping in school it would’ve ended very badly for you and your parents. Just keep that in mind too

  24. That's a blue!!! Here's mine. Sadly he passed away a few years ago but I miss him! Does yours have that deep, weird meow?

  25. I do not want to raise alarms or worry you. But I had a pig that had this happen out of no where. Within a few hours her whole back end was stiff as a board almost as if rigor mortis had set in. She didn’t make it many hours after that. It was the strangest thing. She was only 2 years old at the time too

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