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  1. now do a photo shoot of the transformation!!

  2. I went for the cards and had to get the book too.

  3. You have a very good point. Few minutes every year or two, or an afternoon once...

  4. the cold will really effect the battery life under the house.

  5. so this tells me the Lux 1SE has it all?

  6. I only use DCF charging when on a longer trip. I'd say my 110v charge cable is 99% of the time.

  7. the biggest diff I'm seeing is in the Del Mar, but no changes in the LiveWire, that I'm familiar with.

  8. I will say the only thing that worries me a little is the top cap, as it wiggles a little, so slowing it at the end is probably to prevent it from snagging and breaking off.

  9. that's what our monorail should have looked like in Seattle. instead, they

  10. Too bad it's a concept. I like the design. reminds me of some of my hot wheels!

  11. not sure what F.Y.E. is... but thank you.

  12. can't say I've been to a "mall" in like 20 years or more. :)

  13. from everything I've been reading, there is no HUD for '23 or '24.

  14. It won't synch in airplane mode. But synching is not what waste battery life.

  15. there goes the rib tattoo modeling career. 😸

  16. oh honey, they're teasing, no body has that much BTTF paraphernalia.

  17. I'm thinking that's just a simple light sensor, to adjust screen contrast accordingly.

  18. if they ever put a camera in this phone, it'd have to be f'in awesome to warrant adding it!

  19. is there a logical reason this robot exists and we paid a stupid amount for it?

  20. well, it IS there (in the upgraded app), although every time I ask Astro to recognize a new object (with the exact phrase the app says to use), he just blinks at me and stops listening. :/

  21. Look at settings, device options, check for software updates. on Astro's screen, mine had 1

  22. mine didn't have one waiting, but there is one (after tapping it.)

  23. these are the type of things that come back to someone in a court room. 😒

  24. cute! So, curious... can you leave the hat on while its periscope is up, and assuming so, does it block the flashlight or camera?

  25. It's a problem people worry about, sure. Should they, though? I'm less sure about that.. we have a microwave from the 80s and the buttons still all work.

  26. for me, it's less about wearing out the functionality and more about constant fingers removing icons that were placed on the device when new.

  27. one thing I like is the roaming security.

  28. well, I guess that's subjective.

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