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  1. I write my own classical-style pieces:

  2. I created a blog a few days ago - it has only two posts but they are chordal analyses of two Unknown Mortal Orchestra songs, "That Life" and "Necessary Evil". In one of his posts, Ruban says "I'm pretty sure my approach could be described as 'modal' although I really just play what I hear in my head as best I can". I was glad to hear him say that, because it made me feel like my analyses were on the right track. Here is the link to my blog:

  3. This is great! There’s a really nice solid tonal foundation with that simple ostinato and the bass line.

  4. Thanks for the compliment! Yeah it's interesting how even in 7edo the bass implies a 1, 7, 6, 2, 5, 1 scale degree movement of a major scale in the bass. Someone even commented if the piece was really in 7edo - I told him sometimes I wondered myself, but that if you play along with the bass on an instrument tuned to standard 12edo tuning, you can tell that the 7 and 6 scale notes are "out of tune".

  5. Yooo I love this! You can build a TON of suspense with this tuning. Kinda wanna try my hand at something with this tuning..

  6. Yeah I've played with this tuning since the 1980's, and while there are lots of people who discredit it for all kinds of theoretic and acoustic reasons, I have always found it capable of quite interesting results.

  7. Ralph!! I've always loved your 14edo songs and I want to say I'm gonna love this one! Thank you so much for creating amazing music!

  8. Yeah, for some reason I really feel comfortable with 14edo. Hope the Bohlen-Pierce temperament does ruin your usual experience with my music too much. Many thanks for your support!

  9. Congrats on this, very cool =)

  10. Thanks for posting! I absolutely adore 14EDO. Even though myself I have never really sunk my teeth into it compositionally. Can’t wait to listen to your music.

  11. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know if there are any pieces in particular that you like.

  12. Ralph Jarzombek, are you related to Ron Jarzombek the eccentric metal guitarist? He has a drummer brother and they're both really good.

  13. Yes. I am the oldest brother, then Bob, then Ron. I started out with rock and metal (you can hear traces of it in some of my pieces), but I chose a different route after that; they just stayed with metal and took it to another level. I must say it was great playing with them in the early days, and I have lots of memories of our humble beginnings when we first started in music.

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