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  1. Basically the 7 stripes represent the 7 articles of the constitution and then theres either 1 star, 1 13 pointed star, or 13 stars. representing 13 colonies or 1 star representing the union i guess. the stripe on the far right is just decoration i guess. like i said i was just messing around in inkscape and came up with the general design.

  2. The Bandrikes, as we say here in Iceland. Or Bandland.

  3. That would be the perfect scene when walking up to say a giant dark castle/throne/ or haunted mansion or something. Or anything spooky rlly

  4. I had the same contamination except not even near the syringe hole. The place i bought the bag from mustvw not sterilized the grain or something idk maybe i just did something wrong

  5. Bruh...too many coast to coast rivers. They are supposed to originate from mountains...

  6. Lol but If for some reason you know "ano" means yes in czech, then it makes a little more sense

  7. Youd think someone would have already made a "hieratic" type of script for mayan (like how they did for egyptian) but i havent found anything besides this so far.

  8. So yknow how in excel, theres the alignment tab(with left, right and center align)? This person made a joke where they added austronesian and nominative-accusative allignment(which is unrelated) to the alignment section of excel.

  9. You could honestly probably just take over the world though. Pool all your money together, buy businesses, make new businesses, buy banks, create massive hedge funds, control the market, own all of the money in the world

  10. for me, english could be yellow, math could be red or blue, history has to be red or yellow, and science has to be green or blue. So based on that i would say english-yellow, math-blue, history-red, science-green

  11. I assume you made them based on Artifexians videos, but he has them wrong.

  12. ok so based on the pictures on that link, the currents are just broader. so the climates would be less variable. right?

  13. Well you can say it like that, the climates based on Artifexian are… well just estimations. So they might not be real at all…

  14. from that link "This is more of a depiction of the effects that currents have on land. It’s typically used as a heuristic for determining climate zones without the need for temperature or precipitation data, and in that sense it works well enough,..." based on that(and for the sake of my laziness) I'll just keep the climates how they are, but I do appreciate the info. Ill keep this in mid.

  15. Ironically, I see very little on here that fails the "realism" test. You have good instincts.

  16. But also if you have any advice on what i could do to increase realism, I would appreciate it. Like one thing i dont know about is what biomes form where. I know mountains affect how much rainfall places get and equatorial biomes are deserts and rainforests, and farther north and south you go the colder it gets, but other than that, Im clueless

  17. If you've got about 20 minutes, Artifexian has a couple of videos on the subject on youtube.

  18. I don't think this is an island. I think it is entire world because bottom part looks like the south pole even with all the stretching because of projection.

  19. I sort of rushed into this map without thinking about plate tectonics, currents, and what not. so the mountais might be kind of awkward but idk im not an expert on this kind of thing. Any advice/knowledge would be appreciate!

  20. (In the clong) Hit is based in shakespeareaner phonology and vocabulary, but with only anem singlen additionalen case, them dative. A fairly low effort clong hwich even I mess up.

  21. I’ll probably develop it more and make it into Nordlish or Scotslish. A scenario in which Vikings or Celts conquered and settled Old England rather than Normans.

  22. do scottish so it mixes and makes some scottish accent shakepearean stuff. that would be awesome.

  23. Looks cool... is bad. Bullpup triggers suck. On this it would be terrible.

  24. Ive never shot a true bullpup before but arent most handguns basically bullpups anyway? And glock triggers are arleady mushy so could it really be that bad?

  25. Lol most handguns use a trigger bar same as bullpups. With the mag behind the trigger. While most bullpups i think have the chamber further back. But still the same concept

  26. This looks like some 17th century hermetic occult type script. Super clean very well done

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