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  1. don’t let the people stuck in their own nostalgia get you down about your opinion 🤘

  2. i’m just saying, and this is just a personal theory, WHAT IF this is all an elaborate plan by the band to play into the lore that they have created over the past several albums? i haven’t really been into the lore this particular album cycle so i don’t have specifics, but i remember this album being more about prøpaganda in the lore world. just feels a little forced to me

  3. I have a name 1911 already but my thing is if it’s a range gun then do u still do all that ?

  4. me? absolutely. if i wanna run iron sights and no light i got a 1911 with no rail or slide cut. 10mm xdm elite for the light and optic. if the slide is already cut for a red dot it’s def getting one.

  5. i’m kind of a vortex fanboy personally. i’ve had nothing but great things to say about them for years. zero issues on any of my vortex optics and their lifetime transferable warranty is pretty amazing if i ever did have an issue.

  6. this is why i just buy assigned seating. plus i don’t have to get there early. come in right before the band starts with virtually no lines besides the merch lines

  7. i’m getting a code but idk if i can make it out to the store. it’s like a 30 minute drive from me 🥲

  8. people who came to the metal memes page for metal? tf kinda question is that?

  9. polka dot and current events are some of the best songs on the album yo!!!

  10. total honesty: kurt and jc voices kept me away from dgd as a kid because i could not vibe with their voices at all.

  11. i noticed the one on the website is “clear w/ red and blue splatter”

  12. I'm just going to accept the lesson of reading carefully tbh I did not care about the splatter I wanted it for the sleeve, but I think it could be cool to get VIP next tour and bring different colored markers for them to sign with

  13. that would be a good way to spin it into something cool!

  14. i saw her down by the piano at the back of the Pit in cincy. he gave her and the babe a kiss on his way back to the main stage.

  15. if he could have come up with anything better than “it’s a miracle that i got this far” so many times in a row, it would prob be my fav dgd song in a long time. i still love the song, but that part kills me a little 🥺

  16. what a fun show! worth a miserable monday morning at work

  17. Uhhh… really? That’s not how any of this works. The person who left the house and went to a concert while they were sick is the captain asshole in this situation. I know most Americans think it’s ok to continue living a normal life while they’re sick but it’s just a dick move. That’s how illness and shit spreads. If you’re sick, stay the fuck home, stop being a selfish little prick.

  18. what if the person that spread it had 0 symptoms because they’re vaccinated and didn’t know they had it?

  19. ironic statement (for me) coming from the guy whose voice kept me away from dgd for so many years

  20. You're probably right that they might just see it as a valuable metal they could sell, thatd make more sense. But Zildjian cymbals are worth a good amount of money & I just have a feeling whoever stole them knew that much. They grabbed the guitars too after all, this was a lot of stuff to take at once unless you're just throwing it right into your car because you knew nobody was home. A random burglar I don't even think would be prepared to take that much

  21. that’s very possible too. it’s a very unfortunate situation and i can sympathize bc i too have had drums stolen. not a great feeling at all.

  22. My house was robbed by my father's ex gf & I lost my Xbox one & a bunch of VERY sentimental things to me & hearing at work what happened just killed me. I had to finish closing up wondering what all was stolen. Somehow they didn't take my Gibson les Paul double cut plus. A 1600$ guitar & they didn't realize it's worth or they thought it was too big to bother with. (Again must've not realized it's value) Even though that was a major relief I was devastated about the other things that had been taken so I know how you feel

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