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  1. He married an alien prince of the two invasive empires, went to space, and never returned.

  2. Except it kind of is, as even evident by Nomura himself if you really look back. Nomura explained back in the KH2FM days that the reason why greater Nobodies like those in the Organization were able to display emotionalism was merely out of thier memories of it. The reason why Axel in particularly felt a genuine connection with Roxas was because Roxas was a "special" Nobody that actually had a heart.

  3. I believe some people might just not want Roxas and Xion to be revived.

  4. Possible. Just look at his souls pieces that become independent beings. They both have boyfriends.

  5. Rightoids when they go outside and the sunlight hits droplets of water in the sky at just the right angle...

  6. Strom can't be destroy by battle is unbalanced and is not part of her power in lore.

  7. They should make Avengers and Fantastic 4 be the groups that destroyed Orchist and The Vault just to end this stupid other heroes don't care about mutants status. And then team up with X-men to destroy Phalanx and Sinister dominion.

  8. His telekinesis is too weak in comics and doesn't exist in movies.

  9. Not every country/culture is compatible with western liberal ideas and THAT'S OKAY

  10. If their cultur including punished people for victimless crime. Maybe it shouldn't existed.

  11. If gays want that headache, welcome to it. But don't try to force a church or religion or any person/business that doesn't support gay marriage to take part in a gay marriage.

  12. There would be some churches willing to do that. Do you want law to make all churches act on same standard or not?

  13. I never understood this. Does the Christian heaven actually exist in Marvel?

  14. Daredevil and Nightcrawler are the closest ones you will get.

  15. The joke is that Libleft and Authright are autistic.

  16. For whatever reason. Most of thai ladyboy keep their penis.

  17. But what if DeSantis decide that only whites are allow to have guns in Florida? How is this fair?

  18. being fired for not using someones pronouns leading to a murder by suicide, we truly live in a society, fuck it everyone shall address me as 'your highness ruha' now

  19. Misgender and calling people demon are difference.

  20. Black Nick Fury first appearent is from the ultimate universe. They use Samuel Jackson as a model. So the actor himself sued Marvel to make him a character in MCU.

  21. None of them is really outright bad. It just the films can't bring out the full potential of Gorr and Kang.

  22. Wanda is not supposed to be a villain. You could say it was Darkhold corruption... but that happened far too quickly off screen to really sell that transition. There were SO many actual Dr. Strange villains that could have been used in that role. A team up with Strange and Wanda would have made my whole year actually. The marketing also had me believing that would be the case

  23. Just because she shouldn't be a villain doesn't necessarily make her a bad one.

  24. Would imaginary tree need TVA? Imaginary tree already has Honkai energy to prune weak timeline.

  25. They killed Peter, then when people requested he returned they proceeded to cuck him and degrade him in service of growing miles.

  26. You mean alternate universe Peter. The same universe where they changed the origins of mutant into people infect with viral disease and make Wanda and Pietro love eachother?

  27. DeSantis is the emperor to Trump’s Vader in the eyes of Reddit progressives.

  28. Abrahamic religions say being gay is wrong. God puts a G spot in men's buttholes. Don't make sense. Why didn't God patch that glitch?

  29. Bobby: "Raven. Can you please shapeshifting to Warren?"

  30. Not having a good or popular relationship, doesn't mean make him gay out of nowhere though. Not like X-Men doesn't have quite a few gay/bi characters they could've brought into the spotlight if that's what they wanted to do.

  31. How are they gonna make those character popular when there are like thousand of mutants compete with each other for spotlight?

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