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  1. I'm wrestling with it. My Parlux 3200 is getting tired.

  2. I saw someone else posted a cash back rewards thing that might get an extra $30 off which makes me think even more

  3. Ahhh. If it's still available tomorrow, I'll bite the bullet.

  4. Maybelline Superstay foundation, Instant Age Rewind concealer and Final Net superhold hairspray. Double layer it, go very minimal under the eyes. Rimmel Stay Matte will cake so go for a loose powder. GL girl.

  5. FEBO started on the Ferdinand Bolstraat in Amsterdam. That street name is where they got their name from. But currently it's not exclusive to Amsterdam and you can find them as far east as Enschede

  6. I remember when early fake tans made you smell like a packet of CC's

  7. Recommend you check out other local agents and get quotes from them to compare to.

  8. I’ve spoken with 3 agents and only one has shown any competency. I’ll go with them, just want to make sure I’m getting a fair deal.

  9. Best advice I can give you - if that particular property manager leaves and the service becomes inferior, don't walk - run. A lot can happen in 6 months.

  10. It literally does work out to be a few extra dollars per week for a decent agent. Avoid mass franchises - you know the ones.

  11. Wait serious question as we're about to end lease in a few months: Does the property need to be in the same state prior to tenants lease? And if not, the expense to get it to that state will be taken from the bond?

  12. Correct, with exception to fair wear and tear. Refer to your initial condition report for comparison.

  13. Look guys I know it's a loading zone, but I just left it there for a few minutes to duck off and buy some ciggies....I'll move it now.

  14. I'm from Australia so the abbreviations always need Googling.

  15. The theme song randomly pops into my thought hole on occasion. Never mad.

  16. So I often see this company advertising their ‘skin tightening’ and ‘skin firming’ products. So far they have claimed that a dermatologist recommends nothing except for their products for firming your skin. In another advertisement, they said to ‘stop wasting so many hours at the gym’ and that this cream is the solution to batwing arms. And now we have this unnecessary advertisement?? I’m so sick of it

  17. Lmao, I'm glad I barely go on Facebook anymore. It's just oldies and nutters so many commented on his resignation with either of the following:

  18. Facebook is slowly but surely leaking on this sub (and many others). I made a shadow account just for marketplace.

  19. If I've interpreted this correctly, try Johnny Biggs in Frankston.

  20. It seems that most Aussies are sleeping lol

  21. That’s what I want to say especially seeing as 50% of my friends are cops

  22. Get the upper hand, register the party. If he has any follow up, give him the local stations number. His a tosspot.

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