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  1. I bought a gorgeous $400 acoustic for my girlfriend (now wife) about two years ago. She stopped practicing after about a month, and she already plays three instruments mind you.

  2. There's now quantitative proof that higher levels of work-life-balance leads to higher productivity, revenue, and profits.

  3. Wasn’t there a DD saying that auto loan backed securities were the next MBS debt bomb?

  4. This is going to end up being the sub’s highest upvoted post some day.

  5. That's what I'm thinking too. Don't remember if Section 8 had a third person mode though.

  6. This movie is going to be absolute ass, and it'll be obvious that it was thrown together haphazardly in order for it to be rushed out into theatres.

  7. Y’all remember in the Jame Bond movie Spectre, when the South Africans experienced a bombing after they wouldn’t agree to those new world order surveillance measures?

  8. Imagine thinking a grenade that is one step below Thundercrash/Celestial Nighthawk GG/Nova-Bomb tier damage on a very fast cooldown is healthy for the game.

  9. Oh my lord please shut the fuck up and let people have fun playing this game. Seriously.

  10. “It’s possible that we are in a completely fraudulent system.”

  11. Also a reminder that Loeffler never won an election…she was appointed Senator by the GA Gov. Brian Kemp w/out having any relevant political experience (wonder why?)

  12. Bungie uses "[redacted]" pretty often for spoilers in TWABs and blog posts.

  13. Yea, all future seasons are always called season of [redacted] until revealed.

  14. Wasn't there something important happening with SWAPS this month?


  16. Hide on the left side, take out the left brig first. Kill sniper shanks, watch for invisible cunts.

  17. I tried talking them down and they said theyll do absolutely nothing about it as there’s a chip shortage and they aren’t getting enough vehicles all that bs. Really wanted the vehicle so I went with it.

  18. That's a load of BS. The chip shortage hasn't been that bad now for some time. Dealerships are just using it as an excuse to massively upcharge on vehicles.

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