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  1. Wow, was not expecting that big of a change at the top!

  2. You come to me, on the day of smolhaj’s wedding, to ask for a favor??

  3. I watched The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover after Ari Aster kept mentioning it in interviews promoting Hereditary and I was not disappointed. I so wish Criterion would add it to the collection!!

  4. I feel like I’ve been hearing rumours about this one as a Criterion release for like half a decade or more

  5. I think sometimes it would be nice if the weekly research pokemon was something from the same pool as the 12km eggs. I’d be more motivated if it was

  6. I wouldn't mind getting some male Salandits if there's a chance to get a female one

  7. I wouldn’t mind it. I think it and Pleasantville are two movies that have similar ideas that have held up pretty well, although both also have their shortcomings

  8. Nice! I see Roxy around every so often but not that Flo and Eddie one. Good haul

  9. Another thing not really mentioned is that although Zappa was a bit of a studio rat, he was just better live. His playing in front of an audience is generally much better and more interesting than in the studio. Theres a reason he patched in a lot of live solos into Joes Garage when he could have easily recorded them there like he did “watermelon in Easter hay”

  10. I didn’t know Buell Neidlinger was on this. I swear that guy played with everyone from Cecil Taylor to Jerry Garcia to, I guess, Frank Zappa

  11. How’s the sound on this? I see this one (also another called The Muffin Man Goes to College from the same tour) around a lot but I’ve never listened

  12. I wrote an article about this exact thing! It started as a meme on tumble, but quickly became a thing in real life. Why? Blahaj is inexpensive for its size and quality, it’s cute and it has the trans colours. But there’s more, too, probably too much for just one reply. My article is here:

  13. It’s always nice to see young Gail, i feel like you never really much of her and Frank hanging out together

  14. My understanding from when I worked there a few years ago was they’re trying to get away from the Superstore concept and going to what they call Inspire stores - the Bayfield one was the first and then the Duckworth one. These have a bigger focus on PC Express and store-made food. They’re trying to compete with the Trader Joes and Farm Boy concept

  15. I like the big one since it’s like a big pillow but both are good

  16. My protocol is to get the hell out of my house and remove myself from danger. I guess if that’s not an option then I’ll hide as best I can.

  17. I almost feel sorry for people like this. The little voice in his head must be very talkative.

  18. My dad talks like this sometimes, since he retired right before the pandemic, he’s basically spent the last couple of years just hanging out and watching YouTube. I argue with him sometimes when he says stuff like “Hillary wants to arrest all the republicans so she can start a civil war” but he won’t listen.

  19. I didn’t care for Fanny and Alexander. I didn’t think it was bad, just the sort of thing I can’t see myself wanting to watch again

  20. I'm still gonna vouch for Erich Von Stroheim's GREED (as well as the 4-hour 1999 "reconstructed" version). And also, I'm a fan of Bob Fosse as a director and I hope STAR 80 will get a Criterion release soon as well.

  21. Greed is always my pick, since I’m not even sure it’s on blu anywhere at the moment!

  22. it's not even on DVD. I mean, the movie is overdue for a proper home video release.

  23. I didn’t realize it’s not even on DVD! My dream would be a box set with a reprint of that book of on set photographs from the 70s, but I’ll admit I’m not holding my breath on that one

  24. Yeah, it's taken from a few '82 performances with a section from '71 thrown in the middle. Probably the highlight of the album imo.

  25. My dad got me this one when I was like 15, it was really cool. Especially the wild version of “King Kong” on the second disc

  26. One thing I keep seeing at 400/Mapleview is people in F150s (and sometimes sports cars) just flooring it as soon they merge and cutting across all the lanes to get into the leftmost lane. One of these days they’re going to mistime their merge and there’s going to be a bad accident!

  27. The part where the one woman like summersaults into the house while it’s going wild near the end is a moment that’s like etched into my mind

  28. I’d like to see Erich von Stroheim in the collection, particularly for his movie Greed (1924). I’m not completely sure if there’s a blu ray of that one?

  29. I recently left my job as a supermarket department manager because I couldn’t handle the stress anymore. It’s gotten way worse in the past couple of years.

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