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  1. The city will always deny it. Especially Barrie. Besides the biggest whining I’ve heard in barrie from Karen’s is all the “speeding” you’d think they’d welcome this as it slows people down 🤷‍♀️

  2. We just went last month. They had hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken burgers, veggie burgers with fries, onion rings or poutine and a separate counter with pizza. Also lots of snack options at kiosks throughout the centre (some with pizza.) All expensive, of course. No food allowed in the IMAX theatre. Cool ice cream robot but the line was pretty long.

  3. Keep in mind that you also have the option to pack a lunch and bring it to the Science Centre - you don't have to buy the food there. The Centre has a few places which allow you to eat food that you bring. I usually do this when I take my kid to an attraction and it is allowed. It is not so much to save money, but more just to eat healthier because cafeteria food may taste good but typically there are few healthy choices.

  4. Are you looking for celiac-safe, or just gluten-free options? And are you looking for the fastest place to grab a bite or are you willing to walk a bit to have a big meal?

  5. This is so confusing but my BMR is 1,824 I times that with my productivity which is 1.3 and i get around 2,300 i don’t know how accurate it that is tho its just a calculator and its not really accurate

  6. I buy some organic produce, cereal, baby products. I am in Barrie. Would be happy to participate!

  7. I love Grow With Jo on Youtube. I lost 50 pounds doing her workouts and watching what I eat.

  8. I just started doing grow with Jo and I LOVE her! Of course it’s only been a week, but I actually get excited doing the workouts. May I ask how long you’ve been doing her workouts and any tips? Trying to lose 50 lbs myself

  9. I have been doing them for around a year. I love working out now! I also watched what I ate so I would be in a calorie deficit and tried to get 10k steps per day (including the workout)

  10. Which one runs the cookie shop? With $72 for 12 cookies that’s definitely not a money laundering scheme lol 😂

  11. Vegan Pantry is dedicated GF. They have baked goods but also meals you can eat there or take home frozen. I’m not vegan but I liked what I had and it was nice having a meal without worrying about CC.

  12. I’ve been gluten free for years and Cal’s bakery is amazing I would highly recommend. Also if you need options at the grocery store metro has a good selection of gluten free items throughout the store

  13. Two sisters naturals for a selection of homemade body care products. Bath bombs, lotions, soap, and such.

  14. I have bought from them several times for gifts and they are great!

  15. According to what I found online, they’re parbaked in a facility and trucked to the store. When they are gone, they’re gone. The store has to wait until the next delivery which is the next morning.

  16. My son (3) did it in the summer and it was great! Like others have said, it's more playing games/other activities with balls rather than actual sports. My son really enjoyed it!

  17. Oh geez this sounds really draining. You might try holding daily or weekly class meetings and bring up the importance of resilience and positivity. Teach them how to encourage each other or ignore each other as needed. Give them opportunities to play-act difference scenarios where kids are practicing these characteristics. It is extra work but it will eventually become second nature to them.

  18. I have a calm down corner and we talk a lot about calm down strategies. It's important to work on them when they are calm

  19. I had a collision very similar when I was 17. Go to court and they will most likely reduce the charge.

  20. Get on a bi-weekly shopping rotation. Plan your meals, focus around produce that lasts (I eat mostly carrots, squash, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, apples, banana) use frozen for stuff like berries. It’ll cut down on grabbing extra stuff everytime you pop into the store, and forces you to utilize what’s on hand.

  21. I used to shop every week, but now I am trying to go every other week. We have saved a lot! It can be fun to get creative with the food you have.

  22. Yes, just make sure the bill of sale says "as-is" on it. Then buyer will have to get temporary plates.

  23. As somebody who lives in Niagara and used to cross the border weekly (pre covid) and many times to do some shopping,

  24. Thank you! We are going to a few places in Buffalo so thought we would stop for some snacks

  25. The only thing you technically are not supposed to be charged for bringing back grocery-wise is coffee. However, I’ve never heard of someone getting charged tax from customs on groceries. They’re pretty good about food. Among other things they tend not to bother with. It’s really up to the customs officer.

  26. There are several groups on Facebook. You could also subscribe to SCHIL for $30/year. It is the Simcoe County Homeschool Newsletter and they usually advertise meet ups. Email

  27. It is valuable to have your license. You never know when you might need to rent a car or borrow someone's. You could take a couple lessons from a drivers ed place

  28. You forgot the hot water! Yeah thats what is in the London fog pretty much.

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