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  1. I Will do that once i make Lincoln 👀

  2. Right parted hair (color 6) Private Mustache(color 6) Everyman Jacket (color 1) Everyday Shirt (color 21) Bandito Pants (color 16) Worn Ropers Boots (color 1) Patterned Bandana (color 21)

  3. Then it doesn't change apperence. To change it you have to go to the character customization thing in the menu, I hope this helps

  4. Part 2 had Jason’s best look, I don’t care what anyone says, the sack with the blue shirt and overalls look good

  5. Not super obscure but that Cartman was the original Kenny, he would die in the original episode that isn’t the pilot, they would say the they killed Kenny when Eric would die as well. They moved the role to Kenny, but it’s funny to know that Eric was Kenny before Kenny was Kenny.

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