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  1. True. That's why God gave women knees and joints that allow her to aim towards your crotch

  2. For accounts and advanced accounts you can watch Nitin goels lectures they are free but might seem a bit lengthy as it's a regular course. For law go with harsh Gupta's marathon. For dt bhanwar boranas revision lectures. For eissm and audit- Vo to bhai ratna hi padega. Fm eco- Nitin guru's marathon. Don't have idea about costing and gst. Hope it helps. Cheers!!!

  3. Eis-sm ke liye murgesh sir ya Swapnil sir ko refer kr skte ho. Sm ke liye Amit sir ki marathon bhi try kr skte ho.

  4. I was so hungry while cooking. Luckily, there were plenty of snack bites from the vadas that I could snack on while putting this together :D. Vadas alone are great, BUT one of life's pleasure is eating them soaked with sambar.

  5. Depending on my day and the way people react to me, my rating could be anywhere from a -infinity to a 12. I was a -3684 yesterday but I'm feeling a 6 on 10 rn

  6. Not this one but I'm going to search for it to save. Thank you!

  7. Stolen Tongues is the published version of romantic getaway with fiance

  8. 2nd one is romantic getaway with fiance did not go as planned or something like that aka Stolen Tongues by Felix Blackwell

  9. Pears. Those soft, apple-flavours, chikoo-like, womderfully juicy, and so so deliciously sweet pears!

  10. Exercise for at least 15 mins a day. Even if it doesn't make you thin, it's good for your health.

  11. Charlie Chaplin. He dated a 12 year old and got her pregnant when she was 15.

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