News from the-dogsox

  1. Nothing was going to get in the way of his suicide

  2. That’s a lot of KLM. Where is your delft blue house collection?

  3. He probably should just give it away give it away give it away now.

  4. To be fair, a lot of police don’t seem to be aware that black people are allowed to hold office, vote, or own property. So you can understand their confusion.

  5. Imagine having to look at three kids while you’re being railed. What a mood killer

  6. End up being spun to death by an industrial lathe.

  7. Corn chowder Cindy? What are you, a midwestern hillbilly with low self esteem? Try again Cindy. And this time put some effort in.

  8. Jokes on them. All the Chinese wanted to know is whether an F-22 could shoot down a balloon.

  9. Subaru. If you get that Thunderbird out of the way you could see it better.

  10. Turns out he didn’t have to eject after all

  11. I’ve never seen a profile scream domestic violence so hard.

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