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  1. You can get plates that'll sit between the pan and stove and generates the heat

  2. Induction is the only other thing besides standard hotplates, and that's still not all that different, but in reality, nothing comes close to the instantaneous feedback and control of a gas cooktop, let alone the amount of BTU's you can dump into a big pot.

  3. Went in for an MRI (protip: if you do it after 8pm on a Sunday it's bulk billed rather than having to pay through Qld Xray or whatnot). Turns out I'm super duper allergic to the gadolinium contrast dye.

  4. Lived there for a year in 2016. Apartments are nice enough. No major complaints.

  5. Is it flakes? Or crystals? I'm imagining it's a finishing salt

  6. The Uniqlo size guide should have measurements of the garments right?

  7. No disrespect meant to legitimate trainers, but the amount of times I've seen PTs teaching someone with terrible form is mind-blowing.

  8. In Aus there's a few brands that do protein bars that contain wafer. I think Musashi is one of them

  9. That website looks full on AliExpress....Which has its place for cheap plastic stuff, but clothing is something I'd avoid from there

  10. Just get a seamstress to adjust the hem. It's about a $20-30 job and will be far easier than trying to find 5" shorts off the rack

  11. Yeah deposit went to my roommates, the house is managed by an agency who called up twice in 9 months for quick inspections but have never met any landlords

  12. Oh then I'd say it's grand yeah. Just give decent notice that you're moving out and let your roommates know to just keep the deposit as rent

  13. You know what they call the person who graduates bottom of their class out of medical school?

  14. You could probably get a Victorinox one for $5-10 and see for yourself

  15. Charles Tyrwhitt usually allows you to pick a sleeve length right?

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