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  1. Personal google account with school account added separately in Settings.

  2. Yes. Again, there is a guide on Apple’s website Did you bother googling this?

  3. If you aren’t helping then why are you just here shouting at the guy?!

  4. I did help. I answered the questions they asked. But I just don’t understand how someone could google this and not get a result.

  5. Fucking lockscreen allowing modifications/editing FROM THE LOCKSCREEN is absolutely bonkers to me. Ever since the update I've accidentally opened the home screen editing page countless times. Who the fuck cares about that shit? I'm just clutching my phone trying to walk to the shower. Shouldn't make a difference if I have a thumb on the screen just holding it safe in my hands. But NOPE the new ios just thinks i'm trying to add fucking widgets. This latest update made me turn off automatic updates. I'm jailbreaking again ASAP. Fuck Apple

  6. Not the place for you to rant. Make your own post.

  7. I have them, I can crack them for you. What device are you using?

  8. My flair doesn't show it well enough? It's an iPhone 4. Currently running 6.1.3 (downgraded) but I'm planning on saving blobs and going back to 7.1.2

  9. I was just making sure, some people have multiple devices. I can have them cracked and uploaded by tomorrow or Saturday.

  10. I assure you I’m not. These new options are a part of the new lyrics feature that just came out

  11. Again, I promise you they weren’t as they’re a part of a massive feature that came out in this beta (5). Beta 4 (and maybe 3) added this menu to the options drop-down but beta 5 is where the two new buttons came in

  12. Apple SuperDrive, but don’t buy it from Apple. Get it on eBay or something for much cheaper.

  13. Everything I saw said the super drive doesn't work for playing. Or maybe I read wrong.

  14. It does. They used to actually be built into Macs when they had DVD drives, I have a 2011 iMac with a SuperDrive and it plays no problem.

  15. It’s a shortcut that’s added by default and can be removed in keyboard settings.

  16. Altstore doesn’t work because it very CLEARLY states it requires iOS 12.

  17. Go to the website and look at the compatibility guide. Research is a lost art.

  18. Yes it needs to be on the beta until 16.2 is released in about a week.

  19. I ain’t scrolling through some clickbait, add-filled webpage when I can just look on reddit.

  20. I think you spelled bing wrong. Also, how is a SEARCH ENGINE clickbait? It’s just grabbing links from the internet. It doesn’t make them.

  21. This worked for me! Thank you!

  22. What is the Apple Music feature? Ah, it's a karaoke function.

  23. But you didn’t post the original post. So did you mean comment in your other comment about downvoting? Because this isn’t your post bud.

  24. I wanted to say the comment, not the post.

  25. And even still, this wasn’t the time or place to make a suggestion like that anyway. It’s gonna be out in a month, I don’t think people are gonna take the time to install something they’ll barely use.

  26. Hm… wonder why… because the day I created my account I searched her name and it was like that since day one

  27. I never heard about imazing, is a windows tool?

  28. I really really hope skeuomorphism comes back to the iPhone. So bad.

  29. I hate to say it, but it’s probably never coming back. It would be seen as a step backwards.

  30. I wouldn’t be so sure… macOS Big Sur (2020 release) had a low-key return to some skeuomorphic elements (particularly the app icons). Not completely skeuomorphic, but they definitely started to move back a little bit in the other direction again

  31. Again, that’s neumorphism. There’s a big difference.

  32. Tho you shouldn't post your request on another's post,

  33. It’s not overreacting, it’s just that I’ve had posts hijacked before and it’s rude.

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