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  1. Well I'll be damned. I just bought the 5600X special from them a few days ago. I guess I should have seen this coming.

  2. I'm confused, why would you want the lower spec 5600 over the X, only to save around 25 dollars? You are referring to the 5600x at 150 deal no?

  3. At that price range $25 is pretty big, especially on a budget. Plus, the 5600X really isn't any faster than the regular 5600 in anything anyone will notice.

  4. I find it really strange that he left one episode up and such a random one at that.

  5. I'm going to kill myself. I need the boxset.

  6. He really would make a killing if they released the boxset on Blu-ray.

  7. I have put in a dispute with Simon, but he is on vacation for the Chinese new year so we will see how it plays out.

  8. Honestly the majority of us have no clue what the fuck were doing. DCA and HODL.

  9. Bought in at .40 and converted some other Coinbase earnings at .90. Pulled out my initial investment at 2 dollars and now regret it.

  10. I've heard that you can stake ETH on Coinbase, but I'm not sure how to exactly. I think it might be only for a couple countries, I'm from Canada and don't seem to have the option

  11. You can at 6% with the only caveat being you can't sell it currently once it's staked. They are working on adding the ability to sell or trade staked crypto so just keep that in mind.

  12. PayPal was my first crypto purchases, they make it very easy but the fees are ridiculous. Glad they are at least adding this feature for people that want more from their crypto investing.

  13. 10x actually and then it went to below the original purchase price....hopefully this bull run isn't over.

  14. Well at least now I know. I thought it was some kind of weird zip up Balaclava or something.

  15. Looking to possibly get in on the dupe as well. Do I need to complete the starbirth mission first?

  16. Hey Smithers, I would advise completing the Starbirth mission first :) After that no problem.

  17. While this is a decent price, ya this monitor goes down to $150 pretty often. Got it for $160 a year ago. Colors are decent after adjusting settings and it's still going strong. People say the stand is nice too, but I have it mounted.

  18. How did you mount yours if you don't mind me asking? I thought these were the models that were not VESA compatible.

  19. Thank you for putting out amazing juice at an extremely affordable price!

  20. Anyone know what time the OM sale starts? 120ml are $7.99 right now.

  21. Replying in hopes of an update. Always buy from them on BF.

  22. This sub is toxic af, wth... Geez it was an honest question.

  23. It's the third planet. After you recover the first piece of the vault key this is your next location.

  24. Use the old shift website I was able to redeem and choose platform for each.

  25. The old shift websote does not provide me with a box to type in codes.

  26. Wondering the same. I just purchased the Gig plan and bought this modem off Amazon since it was the deal of the day. I did not realize there were issues with this model. Great.....

  27. Digikey should have everything and probably cheaper than someone who is marketing toward the keyboard crowd.

  28. Yeah I looked on digikey and was able to source everything but the USB C with the metal housing and wire clamps that most cable makers use. I would prefer to buy in bulk too rather than through zap so I can make multiple. I agree though their cables are very professional and the service they provide have probably helped alot of people that don't want to source everything from multiple sites and possibly wait a month on Chinese shipping.

  29. the diy cables from zap ship super quick

  30. Yeah but I think it's OOS only option I had was add to wish list.

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