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  1. Maybe you could get a hypoallergenic puppy down the line like a poodle

  2. Worked wonders for me. I got a Xoloitzcuintli ( hairless pup ), and I have absolutely no issues with him. Good luck

  3. LOL, I am in therapy. She helps but I still have my moments. Thanks, yes it is very much a detox and I keep forgetting that.

  4. Yea it takes a while. Think of all the positive things you’ve gained in the last year.

  5. I just had a massive breakdown with my therapist that I regretted getting my puppy and I’m so tired. It’s valid, no shame in feeling this way. Let yourself feel this way because there’s a ton of stigma about it. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

  6. Raising a pup alone is hard. I want to validate that concern. So big take aways, your partner is not someone you would want to have kids/pets with due to their lack of empathy. And if you do separate as a relationship you’re gonna do a lot of shifting, living alone and raising the pup is possible. Lots of people do it. But it is HARD. Let’s be real. So there’s no shame in keeping/rehoming/leaving relationship. What matters is the you choose your long term happiness.

  7. It’s just me. Today I just cried for hours, I’m so tired.

  8. Good for you knowing what you want!! A dog is a great way to test run whether you’d be good with kids as a couple!

  9. Hi I’m sorry you feel this way, it’s ok you are lovable. I feel the same way often. Getting a pet helped me a lot, to love it and feel my dog’s love is a huge comfort. Idk if I’ll ever meet a partner that loves me, but for now this helps a lot.

  10. Brain spotting/EMDR helped the nightmares mostly fade out

  11. Yea reprocessing and remembering tough memories is super painful. Make sure to tell your therapist if EMDR feels overwhelming because the process can feel like a lot. I’ve done a lot of EMDR and brain spotting at a slow pace and it does help once you get all the bad memories out. Finally starting to feel at peace which is so nice :) you got this OP!

  12. Enjoy your newfound freedom! I have around 1 year and 2 months of nc

  13. Yea it’s so weird how the calmness is finally starting to feel normal

  14. People always do this as the meme but i have yet to see an actual film do something like this, and it would be cool it it did.

  15. Check out “I’m not an easy man” it kinda achieved this! French film, I think it’s dubbed in English

  16. Lmaooo I asked myself the same thing. My pup was born March 25th, I just count a month every time the 25th rolls around.

  17. I think it might be allergies, maybe go to get to check

  18. Can't wait until I get there! A couple of days ago he was pretty tired and fell asleep on my lap, I was ecstatic. It did not last though, and he woke up to do more biting. I felt like I got a little window to the future and can't wait haha

  19. Pro tip: wake her up in the middle of the night when the puppy is sleepy and sneak some cuddles in ;)

  20. I’m on a similar boat!! Crates don’t fit in my car. The seatbelt and harness is ok but dog might chew through it. Kong helps a ton but lasts 20 mins tops. Treats when calm helps too. I’d also suggest a metal barrier between you and dog, like a cop car.

  21. Lol me. This weekend I said I don’t want to hit my dog cuz I had an abusive childhood and I don’t want to mess him up…and the other person was like ohhhh ok you should still show him you’re the boss tho..🫠

  22. Highly recommend checking out this research project on Bunker Hill’s history!!

  23. To be able to sit and relax with him without biting, running around, just chilling!! I haven’t relaxed at home in months!

  24. Lmaooo my friend threw a bday party and baked a cake for his roadbike. You’re a fun cool nice person! Keep doing you :)

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