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  1. She was a really good model, I just think it was a mistake to go so hard on acting.

  2. Considering how high a lot of the notes were from the first three albums, it's impressive even if they've dropped the songs by a couple notes.

  3. All these people in this thread like 'oh yeah we all need to be armed' will do precisely nothing but continue to coat their keyboards in more dorito dust. Nothing but false bravado and toothless rhetoric

  4. Would the top 5 PGA players on a scramble even be able to make a 46?

  5. I had no idea the MMA dick twist had historically documented origins

  6. I used to see Allister a lot. The crowds were always pretty crazy. Less Than Jake at Warped Tour was insane. I’ve never seen fans that rabid before. Other than that, my old ska band played at a venue in Chicago called Jurassic Park (or Punk), and they crammed like 200 people in there and everyone was dancing/moshing. Most fun show I’ve ever played.

  7. Dude I remember Jurassic Park! That and The Fallout were amazing, I saw Ugly Bones play there

  8. I like how you call adhering to an obviously more fair system as "obsession".

  9. What is it if not entertainment? The chaos is a feature, not a bug.

  10. I actually think PM is underrated and clones would be good if there were no cringy love scenes and Hayden's acting was better. Sith is pretty good tho

  11. If George Lucas had written a 50 page spec script for the overall narrative, and given it to competent writers and directors, then hung back they could have been great.

  12. No we don't, this place is just an echo chamber of cognitive dissonance

  13. Go ahead and try to argue that the sequels aren't the worst of the 3 trilogies

  14. In terms of cinematography, acting, writing, dialogue (dear fucking lord the prequels dialogue), effects, and basically everything that isn't overarching narrative, fight choreography (which I would argue still works in the context of the sequels), and Obi-Wan and Palpatine, yeah the sequels are far superior.

  15. The same guy who basically had to completely rewrite every prequel character minus Obi Wan and Palpatine in TCW to make them redeemable.

  16. Thing is, amazon's service is still much easier to compete with as it only requires logistics chains that can be contracted through UPS/FedEx. Target and Walmart do a decent job competing with Amazon on general goods as is. Ticketmaster has control of venues, which are finite and thus no new competition can exist. It's essentially the cable company issue cranked up to 11

  17. I've seen people say things like 'just open your own venues!' Like first of all, that's called DIY shows, and plenty of people go to them

  18. I doubt it bro, it's so obvious Reddit has such a hate boner for Qatar, and understandably so, they're obviously the bad guy here, but it just really highlights the hypocrisy of the people and media. Where was this outrage when Russia hosted the cup? Didn't they annex Ukraine before hosting?

  19. Most people don't have the resources to buy fair trade everything, but we do have the power to call out Qatar for their heinous practices.

  20. I don’t agree with that dude but I don’t think you looked at organic fair trade cotton clothing for example if you say you can’t afford that compared to Adidas or Nike.

  21. It's more time for me, I try to stay away from the big chains firsthand, thrifting and locally bought and whatnot, but even then if I need something right now, it's tough to find.

  22. Honestly, in the theater even I was thinking it wasn't perfect. Don't get me wrong, it's in my top 3 SW films, but upon a first viewing I thought the casino planet was a bit much, and that it was maybe 20 minutes too long.

  23. Modeling isn't about being generally attractive, if you're good looking from any angle, you become an actor.

  24. Also probably has a certain body frame that makes the designers clothes look good. These weird looking models still look like they work out or at least watch how they eat.

  25. This is also true. I mainly got into it cause im stick thin lol

  26. The only time I found the first guy funny is when a duet chain turned his scream into a death metal song

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