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  1. Wow! Small world! My ex also raped me and confessed to it. I told him to give me $5000 or I would press charges; I get money either way. We agreed for him to give me $200 for the next two years. He made his first payment to me the other day.

  2. I find it so gross to eat over someone else’s bites, and for someone to do this multiple times? Dick move.

  3. A movie was my first job as a teen too! It’s so fun! Enjoy your time there!

  4. What did the police say? What is the next move regarding the "case"? Will there be any charges?

  5. So far it seems that a detective will be interviewing both me and my perpetrator next!

  6. I disagree. I have fairly solid evidence and feel that taking this route is the best for my healing.

  7. 200mg?! Jesus, that would send anyone into a full blown panic attack. I would not trust your friends insight or opinion anymore.

  8. I wasn’t raised Mormon, but I was definitely boy crazy. I ALWAYS had to have a boyfriend. It was even a running joke in my family

  9. Ahh I didn’t post this to rub it in anyones faces.. I hope it didn’t come off that way!

  10. has she expressed any desire to get together again? that’s usually a good sign lol

  11. She was expressing the desire a lot in person, even saying she’s ‘entranced’ by me and staring deeply into my eyes a lot, but hasn’t texted me back lol

  12. Just want to say I love propranolol. I use it for panic attacks, but it brought my heart rate/blood pressure way down. It’s great stuff

  13. Why do you comment such weird stuff on girls posts? I’m actually curious like is that a kink?

  14. I could have written this. I get the exact same sensation while drifting off. I feel immense relief when my roommates are home, but when they’re not I usually drive to my sisters place and stay the night. I like knowing that I have someone in the same building incase there is a medical emergency. Lately, I’ve been super paranoid about getting a stroke.

  15. When I was 16, my mom pulled out a mini Bible from her purse when I told her I was bi.

  16. Stick with whatever label you’re comfortable with, but you’re not any less of a lesbian because of you’re dating history. Girl, I am 25 and have been a serial dater from 6th grade till NOW. I’ve only ever dated men. I’ve never been single (until now). I’ve never had a break from penises 😂

  17. I’d read ‘How Not to Die’ by Dr. Greger, or watch his YouTube videos.

  18. You got this. If he doesn’t take it well, just remember it’s a temporary moment in exchange for the permeant satisfaction of your life. You just gotta get the words out!

  19. I'm so bad at talking out loud, lmao I thought about writing a letter but felt cowardly so I'll tell him face to face.

  20. I’m terrible at talking out loud too. I always freeze up and stammer. What helps me is just not making eye contact while I get the words out. Kind of shitty, but necessary.

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