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  1. Whichever air pad you bring, I would take the switchback. Air pads can fail, foam won't. When I was expect 0F I would always have a foam pad. Also, deep snow was typical on my trips that hit single digits.. I used my foam pad for rest breaks as a sit pad.

  2. Most of my packs are Osprey (although I don’t have the Aether) but the Baltoro is super popular and comfy. If you put it on with weight in it and it feels nice, I’d keep that one.

  3. If you like it hot, main beach bakery do a legit pepper steak.

  4. I got the Lynx MF, and it's awesome. A bit bulky even with a compression sack, but on the other hand I don't worry about cold mornings anymore. Weight is great too. I just recently did Snowspider, and it was -17C in the morning, and I slept all night, warm, just in my base layers.

  5. Thats interesting about using 2 bags. Ive just started experimenting with layering a quilt over a sleeping bag. Got a rough guide to the combined temperature ratings from Enlightened Equipment that I've been using.

  6. Climb high - sleep low is a thing, but I’ve never heard of it or seen it happening on Kili.

  7. Yep. Virgin or Jetstar (can’t remember which) did this to me as well but my son was 6mo old and didn’t even have a seat lol

  8. Why or how is 30m of rope not enough for 4 people to have 8-10m gaps between them? Maybe my maths is wrong, but that's how I would do it:

  9. I’ve been there done that (lived for years in Fiji, Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan) and I guess the one issue with somewhere like Vietnam is that it’s going to be tough to save and bring back any decent money if you decide to come back after a few years. On the flip side the life experience and working abroad all that tend to help a lot of people find great jobs when they come back.

  10. Locals stay away from the tourist hotspots.

  11. This. I used to hate GC as a visitor, but since moving here 6-7 years ago I now love it.

  12. Yay! We are finally getting rid of you! Hopefully that whinging noise in the air will stop now.

  13. I’m not sure what it is but I reckon I can pick a West Australian most of the time…

  14. Im on the Gold Coast rather than Brisbane, but yeah the roads are crazy.

  15. I’d love to go and see this. Almost booked a few years ago but I imagine it’s even tricker now with the way travel is at the moment.

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